Rummy Passion Winners

RummyPassion Hall of Fame

Your passion for the game and desire to always remain on top has resulted in big prizes. You have demonstrated that with enthusiasm, everything is possible. We applaud you for making it to the Rummy Hall of Fame! Thank you to every Rummy winner who put in the effort and earned from our incredible promotional offers. For those who didn't make it big this time, there's still room for growth. We are delighted for you and encourage you to practise even more. We wish you many more triumphs in the future.

Rank Player Name Amount Won (₹)
1 Baba7779 305,323,764
2 Vit1987 157,260,813
3 Jokul2014 152,488,482
4 PRASHANTJ26 121,531,284
5 Sindhuja 116,275,569
6 Beeram 104,297,203
7 A1b2c3 98,591,296
8 Avandushy 92,664,132
9 Prassu123 91,256,248
10 MSR9 89,627,355
11 Meehaswi 87,138,398
12 Thiszkiran 77,854,085
13 Tiger100 66,645,654
14 Ramb11 64,522,020
15 Saisai999 61,771,721
16 Boss1204 61,364,388
17 Hambirrao 59,646,220
18 SEE32 59,009,339
19 Nani1122 58,155,901
20 Ssagi1 58,107,011
21 Kathireddy 57,911,490
22 KTR8900 55,781,324
23 DHAR 53,377,956
24 Singh123 50,431,606
25 Vani59 50,382,311

Each one of them has varied preferences and has played Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy at different tables. Your passion for the game has coupled with desire to win the game. Keep this enthusiasm to improve your gaming skills and learn something new every time you play online rummy cash games and free games. Let your love for rummy move you ahead, and play responsibly to win big.

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