13 Cards Indian Deals Rummy Rules & Strategies

Indian 13 cards Deals Rummy is an online variation of Rummy family of games played between 2 players. There are two variations available for 13 cards Deals Rummy players i.e. Best of 2 Deals or Best of 3 Deals. It is similar to a situation in which Points Rummy is played consecutively 2 or 3 times and the grand total of chips decides the winner. Chips and points are quite different; the two are not to be confused. This gives an edge to Deals Rummy Online as compared to other Classic Rummy Variations. Let’s see how.

13 Cards Deals Rummy Rules

In 13 Cards Deals Rummy, we play with chips which are equally distributed among all players at the table. The number of chips depends on how many decks are being used - 2 or 3 decks. The player with more chips at the end of predefined deals will be the winner. The Rummy Passion intelligent server will multiply the number of decks selected with 80 chips. The biggest difference between Deals and other variations of 13 cards Online Rummy is that the winner of every deal/ hand will get all the chips lost by all other players and the player with maximum chips after 2 or 3 deals will be the ultimate winner. In Online Pool Rummy we keep on playing hands till the time magic number of 101 or 201 points is met by all losing players. In contrast, in Deals Rummy we play predefined 2 or 3 hands.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s learn the rules and strategies of Deals Rummy Online and get the best out of it.

Get Started with Classic Deals Rummy Game

In the Deals Rummy tab within the Rummy Passion Lobby, you can select the table from your desirable set of options: which are number of Deals, Entry Fee, Prize and Sitting. Once you shortlist the table and click on the JOIN button, a table window will pop up with selected parameters. In the table window you will see a ‘SIT HERE’ option and when you click on any sit here area, you will occupy that particular seat. Subsequently, your selected avatar, your username along with default chips of 160 or 240 will be displayed there.

In Deals Rummy, the game actually starts when all the seats are occupied in both 2 player and 6 player games. So chances are that you’ll have to wait for other players to come and complete the table for the game to commence. Or, you may be the last player who completes the Rummy Circle of players on table and the game begins as soon as you join.

Game Starts - The Rummy Passion server will randomly give one card to every player and turns will be decided on the basis of the descending order of cards. This simply means that the player with the highest value card will get the first turn and so on. After a toss, 13 random cards will be equally distributed to every player on the table and then one card will be opened and placed on the open deck. The toss winning player will either pick a card from the open deck or from the closed deck and further discard 1 card of now 14 cards in hand after grouping cards. The game will carry on this way till one of the players makes a valid declare. RummyPassion provides a ‘Sort’ button for the convenience of players to separate all 4 suit cards and further the cards in a particular suit in ascending order.

Making Valid Groups - The primary objective of the game is to make valid groups before any of your opponents; and declare your cards. In order to make valid groups, you have to pick and discard cards multiple times. Once you have made valid groups, you can click on the finish button. You will get 30 seconds on each turn and a buffer of extra 40 seconds to use in the same game. Please note that rules apply to a valid declare. According to the rules, you need minimum of 2 sequences, out of which 1 must be pure. You can have a maximum of 2 sets per hand. If your cards don’t qualify for this thumb rule then your declare is considered as an invalid declare and you lose 80 chips.

Drop Option - Drop option is not available in Deals rummy.

Finish/ Declare - Once you have valid sequences/ sets, you should declare your cards by clicking on ‘FINISH’ button on your turn. Once you click on finish, the system will take a confirmation from you just to make sure you have not clicked finish by mistake. After confirming the same, the system gives you 30 seconds to rearrange your cards in order to make valid groups. Once you are done with rearranging then you need to click on declare and confirm the action. Rummy Passion intelligent server will check your cards instantly. In case, the declaration is valid, it will announce the same to other players. Then it gives 30 seconds to opponent players for them to make maximum valid groups so they lose minimum chips.

Declaration of Cards in Deals Rummy

After confirming Declaration, there are two scenarios which are as follows:

  1. Valid Declare – Normally, players make a valid declare which is confirmed by the system immediately. A message will appear on the opponent's screen and then, the opponent players declare their groups within 30 seconds.
  2. Invalid Declare – Sometimes due to lack of knowledge of rules or carelessness, players end up making an invalid declare. In such cases, they will lose all 80 chips and the game will continue till the time another player makes a valid declare. The player who makes a valid declare will get all the chips including 80 chips of players who made an invalid declare.

Hand Winning and ‘Score Board’ in Deals Rummy

Hand Winning - As you are aware by now, you need to make valid groups of at least 2 sequences out of which 1 must be pure and or maximum 2 sets for that specific deal. It is recommended to make 3 groups of 3 cards and 1 group of 4 cards.

Score Board - The Score Board shows the status of previous deals including all players’ chips, winner of previous deals and chips transactions. It is clearly visible to all players to help them make their strategies and act accordingly.

Chips Calculation in Deals Rummy

Suits don’t make any difference while calculating chip value. For example: all aces of any color have a value of 10 each. It is the same way for all cards. All cards from 2-10 have a value equal to their face value and all the photo cards including Aces have a chip value of 10.


  • 2 and 6 player tables available
  • Available with 2 deals and 3 deals game
  • Real money as well as practice chips available
  • Entry fee ranges from Rs. 5 to Rs. 5000
  • Tables should be full in order to get the game started
  • Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Heart suits to play
  • 13 cards per suits. 4 suits in total and 1 printed joker – 53 cards in 1 deck
  • Joker: Two types of Joker – Printed and Wild card Joker. Printed 1 and wild card – 4 in each deck. No difference in usability
  • Printed Joker: Joker printed card is called printed Joker
  • Wild Card Joker: Randomly picked 1 card before distributing cards to all players is wild card Joker. Wild card Joker is placed under closed deck of cards. Remember: if Printed Joker is a wild card Joker then all Ace’s will act as Jokers
  • Joker Usage: To complete any set or sequence by substituting Joker with that particular card
  • Note: Sequences with Jokers are impure sequences
  • Open Deck: Where player discards his extra 14th card. Alternate player has the opportunity to pick the card from open deck unless it’s a Joker (either printed or wild card)
  • Closed Deck: Player can pick the card from closed deck on their turn. Closed deck cards are not disclosed to the player before picking
  • Face Value Cards: 2-10
  • Fixed Value Cards: All Photo cards including Aces
  • Sort: Segregating the cards in ascending order is called Sorting
  • Drop: Initial drop – 20 chips, mid drop – 40 chips. You cannot drop if only 2 active players on a table
  • Pick Card: As self explanatory picking a card on your turn either from closed deck or open deck is called pick card. You can only pick Joker if it’s the very first turn of the game
  • Discard: Placing the 14th card after picking a card to the open deck is called discard
  • Finish: Intimating to server and other opponents that you have made valid groups
  • Declare: To rearrange your cards after finishing the game. Server provides 30 seconds to declare
  • Groups: Valid sets or sequences are called groups
  • Invalid Cards: Odd card which cannot be used to make any group is called an invalid card
  • Sequence: Cards in series of same suits is called Sequence
  • Pure Sequences: Sequences made without the help of Joker is called Pure Sequences
  • Impure Sequences: Sequences completed with the help of Joker cards are called Impure Sequences
  • Minimum Sequences: Minimum 2 sequences and 1 must be pure
  • Maximum Sequences: Upto 4 sequences
  • Sets: There are no pure or impure sets. Same value cards of different suits are called sets
  • Minimum Sets: You can make a valid declaration without making any sets
  • Maximum Sets: You cannot exceed 2 sets for a valid declaration
  • Player who has maximum chips at the end of 2 or 3 deals will be the winner
  • Hand winner will get all the chips lost by all players
  • Winner will get all the winnings which are calculated as entry fee x number of players with little adjustment of service charges