How to Make Money Online in India

Making money online in India is not as hard as we may think it to be. There are sure and legal ways to earn money without investing. Of course, there are wrong ways too – but one should stay clear of those methods. Here, let’s talk about some simple ways to make real cash online. Something that you can do to supplement your earnings in your spare time and at your own will. You don’t require much in terms of qualification or investment and that’s the best part! In fact, all you need is a smartphone or laptop or desktop computer, a good internet connection and some free time.

How to Make Money Online in India

Playing Online Rummy

Online Rummy is a simple card game which requires players to meld cards into valid sequences and sets. Though several variations of the game are played across the world, the basic rules of the game remain the same. Most people in India have played it at some point or another and are familiar with it. Unlike other card games which are classified as ‘games of chance’, Rummy and Bridge fall in the category of ‘games of skill’ and are legal to play in most states in India. Both online and Offline Rummy are legal. Playing online rummy is simple and can be done in one of the several ways:

  • Downloading Rummy Software on your computer
  • Playing it on your smartphone through a web browser
  • Playing it on your laptop or desktop through a rummy website
  • Playing it through an app on your smartphone

The advantages of playing this card game online are that you can play 24X7 and you do not have to look for partners. Another difference between playing online rummy and other games is that you play against a real person at the other end and not a computer. As you refine your skills in this game, you will be able to earn more as winnings. All purchases and withdrawals on genuine rummy portals are digital in nature – so your transactions are well protected. RummyPassion.com is one such website which offers fair, secure and safe games that are legal in most of India. Though there may be fewer players at the moment, the reviews are great and it is gaining popularity very quickly.

Why Didn’t You Know This?

There is a very simple reason why one may not be aware of this way of making money without investment – it’s because it is relatively new and unconventional. Perhaps, one also believes that nothing comes for free. Being able to get earnings without investing much may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! When something is highly popular, it is talked about, but when it has just been introduced, not too many people may know of it. As more players are discovering Rummy Passion and registering themselves to play Cash Rummy Games, they are also referring their friends who are joining in. They are using their skills to play and win every day. Another advantage is that the tables are available 24X7, which means that there is no need to reschedule one’s routine. If you are an early riser and want to catch some moments at the vibrant tables, you can log in and play. Or, if you are a night owl, you will find others like yourself in RummyPassion’s game lobby. In which another way can you find prospects to make money online without leaving the comfort of your home? Not to mention the high level of entertainment and pleasure you will derive from it. Making money online has become easier than ever before, and enjoying yourself while you are at it is invaluable.

How to Make Money Online?

Making money online is no longer a secret. Here are quick steps that you can follow to get started:

Step 1 – Register for free

Open your account by filling out the short registration form. You will need to select your user id and password and put in your email and mobile number. Registration is free and you can complete this process of signing up in a minute or so.

Step 2 – Claim your bonus

Rummy Passion incentivizes its new players to try out the games without investing. For this, it offers Rs 50 free to all new players when they verify their email id and mobile number. Once you have registered with your email id, you will get an email from RummyPassion which will have a link in it. Once you receive this email, you should open it and click on the link for verification. Just follow the instructions and then do the same for your mobile number. Once you have completed the verification, you will see a credit of Rs 50 in your rummypassion.com account and you can try out the games without making a deposit.

Step 3 – Claim the Welcome Package

Once you have opened your account, you can make a deposit in it using any payment method that you find convenient; be it NEFT, debit or credit card, PayTM or bank transfer. When you are on the deposit page, use bonus code WELCOME and get a 100% bonus up to Rs 7000 on your first deposit. Then, when you make your second deposit, you can use the code TOPUP to get a 50% match bonus up to Rs 3000. This Welcome Package can give you a sum up to Rs 10,000 in the form of bonus money.

Step 4 – Go to Game Lobby and Select Table

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time for some enjoyment and wins! Just click on the Cash Rummy tab on the home page and you will enter the game lobby. You will see 3 different variants across the top – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. Click on the rummy variant you wish to play and now you can see a list of tables. Select the one that you wish to play at by joining it. If you are new, it's better to select a table of smaller value. But if you’re a rummy star, you can jump right on to the bigger tables and play for as long as you want.

Step 5 – Request a Withdrawal

One thing that RummyPassion.com takes pride in, is its fast and easy withdrawals. You can request to withdraw your winnings whenever you want. Just navigate to Payments & Withdrawals section on the home page and enter your bank account details. You will receive a confirmation of request email within a few minutes from Rummy Passion support. In case you wish to reverse your withdrawal, you can click or Reverse Withdrawal option as well. All withdrawals are credited directly to your bank account.

This is one of the most interesting online gaming sites where you can earn a handsome amount of money. If you like playing rummy and also want to make money with this interesting game, then you must give it a try. Some other notable features of this safe and secure game are easy payouts and 24/7 Support. Sharpen your skills by playing Rummy Games online. If you are a perfect player of rummy games, then we have perfect tables for you. Expand your skills to a new level and earn real money. Make money with your skills and win cash in India.

Other Legal Ways to Make Money Online

The above simple steps can get you to be your own boss in no time. Now you know the secret to making money online without investment. But there’s more to it. While playing online rummy, there are some additional ways of earning. Primarily these are:

  • Playing Freeroll Tournaments

    If you have made a deposit of Rs 100 or more, you can play daily freeroll Rummy Tournaments and win cash. There are many such tournaments that are held throughout the day such as Jackpot 1K which takes place at 10 a.m. daily. You can get a freeroll tournament entry without any entry fee. The only condition is that you have to be a depositing player who has played rummy cash games at some point. You should seek entry as soon as the tournament is open because seats are limited and get filled up fast. If a freeroll tournament is fully subscribed, you will get waitlisted. Only if another player opts out, will the players on the waitlist get accommodated. The freeroll tournaments at RummyPassion.com have guaranteed prize pools and are a really good way to earn cash online without making an investment.

  • Playing Cash Tournaments

    The other types of tournaments are called cash tournaments and while structure and games for cash tourneys are the same as the freeroll ones, the difference is that cash tournaments carry an entry fee. The fee is quite small in comparison to the prize pool. With fewer number of players, the probability of winning cash tournaments is much higher than that for freeroll ones. Some cash tournaments are; Cash 10 – which has an entry fee of Rs 10 and Cash 100 – which has an entry fee of Rs 100. Cash tournaments are definitely a better bet because the chances of winning them are also higher as the competition is quite less in comparison to freeroll tournaments.

  • Contests and Leaderboards

    Adding to the entertainment quotient and money making opportunity is contests and leaderboard challenges that are held frequently at RummyPassion. If you click on the promotions tab, you will be able to see all the bonus offers, contests and giveaways at any given time. These contests add even more fun to playing online rummy because they allow you to win cash bonuses based on the number of games you play during a certain pre-defined time period. Winning the cash bonus can add to your bank balance, especially if you are a regular online rummy player. And of course, you can always feel a sense of pride if you get a rank on the leaderboards. Rummy Passion publishes its list of winners after the contest has ended. It is easy to check and you can even share your accomplishment on social media.

To Conclude

There are not too many activities which you love to do and can make money from! But using your rummy playing skills can land you some serious cash. It’s easy to sign up and get started with India’s Most Loved Rummy Website– Rummy Passion. See how you too can join thousands of players and get in on the action for yourself. The mystery of making money online without investment is revealed and it is no longer a secret, so come on and join it. If you have any questions on how to get started, you can always contact the professional and friendly customer support team at Rummy Passion. Happy gaming!