Points, Pool & Deals Classic Rummy Cash Games and Rules

13 cards Indian Classic Rummy is a game of skill. Rules for 13 cards Indian Classic rummy are that players need to pick one card from either opened or closed deck and discard one card to the open deck. While picking and discarding cards in the rummy game, the objective for players is to make valid sequences and or sets before all opponents and finish to win the game. There are mainly 3 variants in 13 Cards Indian Classic Online Rummy, which are Points, Pool and Deals Rummy. Though rules are almost the same for each Variant of Rummy Games but calculation of scores is different. At Rummy Passion, we make the best effort to give best gaming experience to our passionate players of classic rummy and try to explain the rules in the best possible way.

Below is an exclusively made tabular comparison of different types of Classic Rummy Rules for you.

Points RummyPool RummyDeals Rummy
Cards per Player13 Cards13 Cards13 Cards
Pure SequencesAtleast 1Atleast 1Atleast 1
Minimum Sequences222
Maximum SequencesUpto 4Upto 4Upto 4
Minimum Sets000
Maximum SetsUpto 2Upto 2Upto 2
Number of DecksUp to 2Up to 21 Deck
Printed Joker in Deck111
Open Card Joker111
Joker UtilizationTo make sets and impure sequencesTo make sets and impure sequencesTo make sets and impure sequences
Game Play TypeCash and Free PlayCash and Free PlayCash and Free Play
Table Size2 and 6 Player Table2 and 6 Player Table2 Player Table
Calculation UnitPointsPointsChips
Drop AvailabilityYesYesNo
Initial Drop Value20 Points20 in 101 & 25 in 201 PoolNA
Mid Drop Value40 Points40 in 101 & 50 in 201 PoolNA
Maximum loss 80 Points80 Points80 Chips
Wrong ShowLoss of 80 PointsLoss of 80 PointsLoss of 80 Chips
Next Game Auto Start YesNoNo
Empty Seats on Table YesYesNo - Starts when all seats are occupied
Classic Rummy Types Points Calculation101 and 201 Point2 Deals & 3 Deals
Number of Deals1Till 1 player remains with score below selected points2 or 3 deals depending on selected game
Initially Dealt ChipsNA0160 Chips in 2 Deals and 240 Chips in 3 Deals
Number of Winners111
Winning Hand Make valid sequences and or sets before oppnents and declareMake valid sequences and or sets before oppnents and declareMake valid sequences and or sets before oppnents and declare
Winning the GameMake valid sequences and or sets before oppnents and declareTill 1 player remains with score below selected pointsPlayer with more chips at the end of total number of deals will be the winner.
Rebuy OptionNoYesNo
Split WinningsNoYesNo
Winning CalculationLoosing Players Points x Point ValueFixed PriceFixed Price

Online Rummy Wiki for Rummy Terms

  • Number of Cards Dealt to Each Player
    13 Cards will be distributed to each player at the starting of the game.
  • Pure Sequences Required
    Sequence with no joker (no printed and no open card joker). In order to win, we should have at least 2 sequences and 1 must be pure.
  • Minimum Sequences Required
    Sequences simply means series of cards. For example: ♠A,♠2,♠3 or 9,10,J or ♣Q,♣K,♣A. K,A, 2 is not a valid sequence.
  • Maximum Number of Sequences
    In order to win, we can make maximum 4 sequences but in some cases when hand cards are back to back in sequence then we make fewer but long sequences
  • Minimum Sets Required
    A set means same value cards of different suits. For example, 7,♠7,♣7 or A,♠A,♣A are sets. J,♣J,♣J is not a valid set as it has two same suits
  • Maximum Number of Sets
    In all Online Rummy Variants, players can make max 2 sets.
  • Number of Decks Used
    Little maths :). There are 4 types of suits i.e. Spades, Hearts, and two others; and each suit has 13 cards so 13x4 = 52 cards. Besides there is 1 Joker in each deck so 52+1 = 53 cards make one deck. In all games variations at RummyPassion we use mostly 1 deck at 2 player and 2 decks at 6 player tables.
  • Printed Joker Per Deck
    There is one printed Joker in each deck so if we are playing with 2 decks, we will have 2 jokers otherwise 1.
  • Joker Usage
    All sequences made with a joker card are always impure sequences. We can use 2 jokers per sequence/set.
  • Betting Type
    At Rummy Passion, you can enjoy your favourite Rummy game with real money which you can add in your account by clicking on Add Cash button or play with Practice Chips.
  • Table Size
    We have 2 types of tables; 2 player tables and 6 player tables except in Deals Rummy game. 2,3,4 or 5 players can play together at a 6 player table whereas in Deals Rummy game starts only when the table is full.
  • Calculation Unit
    Points and Pool Rummy are calculated with Points whereas in Deals Rummy Chips are calculated. Simply, more points means more loss and more chips means we win more.
  • Drop Option
    You can drop your cards in case you feel your cards won't make you win.
  • Initial Drop
    You can immediately drop before picking any card and get 20 points in point rummy and lose 20 in 101 & 25 in 201 pool rummy. Please note: Deals rummy doesn’t allow you to drop if only 2 players are actively playing.
  • Mid Drop
    Though mid drop is not recommended, but if for some reason we drop in the middle of the game then we get 40 points in Points and in Pool Rummy 40 in 101 & 50 in 201. Like in initial drop, you cannot drop in deals rummy if there are only 2 active players.
  • Maximum loss
    In case of a wrong show, if your total points/ chips add up to more than 80, you will get a maximum of 80 points or lose a maximum of 80 chips.
  • Wrong Show or Invalid Declare
    Your declaration is considered invalid when you do not have finished sequences and sets in the requisite manner. For example, there must be at least one pure sequence.
  • Next Game Auto Start
    In case of Points Rummy, the next game will automatically start after displaying the results of present game and allowing new players to join in after few seconds.
  • Empty Seats Allowed on the Table
    In 2 player tables there is no chance of an empty seat but in 6 player tables there may be 2,3,4,5 or 6 players who can play Points and Pool rummy game but Deals Rummy won't start till all the seats are occupied.
  • Classic Rummy Variations
    In 13 Cards Indian Rummy, you can play with multiple options in Pool and Deals Rummy. You can Learn in Detail About all Variants of Classic Rummy by clicking the respective links here: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy.
  • Number of Deals
    Points Rummy is a single deal game whereas Pool rummy you have to make sure that other all players crosses 101 or 201 (depending on the game selected) in total points which may take multiple hands and in contrast to it Deals Rummy is predefined with 2 or 3 deals.
  • Initially Distributed Points/Chips
    The number of chips initially distributed to play deals rummy.
  • Number of Winners
    There is only one winner for all three variations of the rummy game.
  • Winning Hand
    Be the first one to declare and make the right set of sequences & sets to make the winning hand.
  • Winning the Game
    By rightful and valid declaration, you win the game. Double check and arrange your sequences and sets properly before declaring.
  • Rebuying
    In a pool game, players who are eliminated from the game are allowed to join the game back. Rejoin is possible if the highest score among the players (who are not eliminated) is less than 79 points in a 101 pool game and 174 in a 201 pool game.
  • Split Winnings
    In a pool game, where the game started with 3 or more players and minimum number of players remaining in the game at the end of a deal is 2 or 3, the players can split their winnings.
  • Winning Calculation
    The calculation used to arrive at the amount of cash won by the winning player is shown on the score board. For Points Rummy, it is variable and for the other variants, it is a fixed amount.

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