RNG Certificate

rng certificate of rummy passion

Rummy Passion is proud to announce that our app's RNG (Random Number Generator) is tested, approved, and certified by iTech Labs, one of the world's leading accredited testing laboratories for the certification and Quality Assurance testing of online gaming systems worldwide. This certification confirms that our app's RNG meets the highest standards of fairness, randomness, and unpredictability, as required by the gaming industry.

What is RNG and Why is it Important?

RNG is a software that generates random and non-repeating sequences of numbers, which are used to determine the card distribution is completely random and independent of any external factors or influences. RNG is the backbone of any online rummy game, as it guarantees that the game outcome is based solely on the player's skill and strategy, and not on any bias or manipulation.

How Does iTech Labs Certify RNG?

iTech Labs is a globally recognized and accredited testing agency that specializes in testing and certifying gaming software and systems. iTech Labs has 2 decades of experience and expertise in testing RNGs for various online gaming platforms. iTech Labs uses rigorous and scientific methods to test and verify the RNGs, such as:

  • Statistical randomness
  • Internal state of the RNG
  • Seeding, re-seeding and cycling
  • Unpredictability and non-repeatability
  • Usage of random numbers including scaling and shuffling

What Does RNG Certification Mean for Rummy Passion Players?

RNG certification means that Rummy Passion players can enjoy a safe, secure, and fair gaming experience on our app. It means that:

  • Every card dealt is random and unbiased
  • Every game outcome is determined by the player's skill and strategy
  • Every player has an equal and fair chance of winning
  • Every player can trust the integrity and reliability of our app

RNG certification is one of the many ways that Rummy Passion ensures the highest quality and satisfaction of our players. We are committed to providing a transparent, ethical, and responsible gaming platform for our players. We follow the guidelines and regulations of the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and the E-Gaming Federation (EGF).