Responsible Gaming

Rummy Passion is a real-money gaming app. Please play responsibly and only spend what you can afford. For addiction help and support, please contact our support team at 8000000036.

Playing games is meant to be a fun and entertaining activity, but we do understand that some players may find it difficult to control the frequency of their game play. This in turn may lead to behavior which may be unsafe for them. At Rummy Passion, we want to act “Responsibly” and want to take steps to ensure that all players enjoy safe and secure gaming in a responsible manner. We are committed to helping players who wish and need to limit the amount and time they spend to play. Rummy Passion encourages all its players to play responsibly.

How Rummy Passion ensures Responsible Gaming?


    Provides daily and monthly Deposit Limits which the player can set from their end. This will keep a check on their daily/monthly spend so that they don’t overshoot their budgeted amount.


    Encourages players to take ‘Self Assessment Survey’ to ensure that they are playing responsibly. Irrespective of the level, whether a player is a master of rummy, an expert player or a novice, we insist that players take a Self Assessment Survey. Our Player Support Specialist will then evaluate the responses and will assist the players accordingly. How is your Game Play at Rummy Passion? Click to take 2 minute Self Assessment Survey.


    Provides Self Exclusion Feature which the player can initiate to take a break from playing rummy online. Players can Self Exclude their account from 72 hours to 6 months. During the Self Exclusion period, players will not be able to access their Rummy Passion Account. The player has to contact the customer support in case the player wishes to self exclude himself from Rummy Passion and once the requisition is processed then the associated action can not be resumed or released.

  4. Addresses Gaming Addiction issues on priority.
  5. Ensures proper player identification by ‘KYC’ documentation and avoiding possible misuse.
  6. Does not allow underage (below 18 years) players to play cash games. We also strongly recommend that our players employ child protection software to safeguard their children.
  7. Has a strong and robust system in place for fair game plays.
  8. Ensures Geo Location Restrictions so that players from those states that do not allow online gaming cannot deposit or play cash games.

Escalation Matrix

Should a player have any grievance related to the platform - we, at Rummy Passion, take care to resolve it reasonably in the player’s favour. In other words, the benefit of doubt always goes with the player. All the members of the Support Staff at Rummy Passion go through rigorous training on various aspects of handling player issues. However, at times, despite their best efforts, a player remains unsatisfied. In order to handle such issues, Rummy Passion follows a 2 tier Escalation Matrix. This is to assure the players that they can approach the higher-up’s and the Management Team, in case they feel that their issue has not been properly dealt with.

Escalation – Tier I

  • In case, a player is not satisfied with the resolution provided, s/he can escalate the issue by writing to .
  • An Escalation at this stage should be resolved within 2 business days.
  • A Supervisor Level Executive would directly handle such escalations.

Escalation – Tier II

  • In case, a player is not satisfied with the resolution provided in Tier-1 Escalation, s/he can escalate the issue by writing to
  • An Escalation at this stage should be resolved within 5 – 7 working days.
  • A Manager/Sr. Manager level employee would directly handle escalations at this level.

Gaming Addiction

Rummy Passion is committed to Responsible Gaming. Player needs to understand that online gaming is NOT an income generation avenue but is just an entertainment source. Players are encouraged to play responsibly with only what they can comfortably afford. In case, player feels addicted and unable to control game play, player can and should utilize Self Exclusion feature and/or speak to our Player Support Specialist to help him/her control addiction.

We take online gaming addiction cases seriously and with utmost sensitivity. If a player explicitly mentions about online gaming addiction, it is taken as a high priority issue. The case is immediately escalated to the Supervisor/Managerial level. If required, a proper telephonic counselling session of the player with a qualified practicing psychologist is arranged.

Partnering with The E-Gaming Federation (EGF)

EGF - The Online Rummy Federation is a not-for-profit society which aims to encourage, develop, facilitate and support the online rummy operators to adopt a common set of standards and practices with the goal of building a self-regulatory framework that will lead to a responsible industry and protect player interests. As a member of The E-Gaming Federation, Rummy Passion is committed towards building a fair ecosystem among all operators for setting industry code of conduct and Responsible Gaming. Click to know more about EGF.

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NOTE Our customer support representatives are always available to assist you with any help you may require to play responsibly. Please feel free to Contact Us.