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Responsible Gaming at Rummy Passion Website

Playing games is meant to be a fun and entertaining activity, but we do understand that some players may find it difficult to control their habit and this in turn may lead to behaviour which may be unsafe for them. At Rummy Passion, we take steps to make sure that all our players enjoy safe, secure and responsible gaming.

Rummy Passion has a stringent policy against underage players (aged below 18 years) and such players when found will immediately be removed. We also strongly recommend that our players employ child protection software to safeguard their children. The use of passwords and close supervision of user account activity helps in limiting improper and reckless usage of the internet.

How you, the player can help?

  • Do not leave your PC, Mobile or Tablet device unattended if you are still logged on to the website
  • Do not allow minors to play under your supervision or on their own
  • Use a password which is complex, i.e. contains numeric, alphabetic and symbolic characters
  • Do not share your User Account information, login information or your Credit Card or Debit Card or Bank information with anyone
  • Keep your credit card details/bank account details in a safe location
  • Use filters and other such protective software to check your children’s internet usage

Our customer support representatives are there to help you with any problems you may face. Please feel free to Contact Us at your convenience.

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