Rummy Passion inTrust Bonus

You’ve played hard and won big at Rummy Passion. Now, you want to withdraw your winnings and enjoy your rewards. But wait, what if we told you that you can make your winnings even bigger with UltraCash?

UltraCash lets you transform your win balance into Game Balance, a special cash bonus that can be used to play more games and win more cash. With UltraCash, you have the power to choose how much of your winnings you want to cash out, and how much you want to keep as Game Balance.

What is Game Balance?

Game Balance is a special type of wallet balance on our platform. It works just like your regular Deposit Wallet Balance, allowing you to use it for gameplay. Essentially, there's no functional difference between Game Balance and Deposit Balance – both enable you to play and win games seamlessly.

How Does UltraCash Work?

When you request a withdrawal, you will see three options to convert your withdrawable amount to Game Balance and get an extra Game Balance on top of it. Here are the options:

Max Value: This is the best option for the ultimate gamers who want to maximise their Game Balance and play more games. With this option, you can convert 70% of your withdrawal amount to Game Balance and get an extra 10% Game Balance. For example, if you are withdrawing ₹10,000, you can convert ₹7,000 to Game Balance and get an extra ₹700 as Game Balance, making your total Game Balance ₹7,700.

Value Plus: This is the ideal option for smart gamers who want to balance their cash and Game Balance. With this option, you can convert 50% of your withdrawal amount to Game Balance and receive an additional 5% Game Balance. For example, if you are withdrawing ₹10,000, you can convert ₹5,000 to Game Balance and get an extra ₹250 as Game Balance, making your total Game Balance ₹5,250.

Regular: This is the simplest option for gamers who want to withdraw their cash without any Game Balance. With this option, you can withdraw the full amount to your bank account without any additional Game Balance. For example, if you are withdrawing Rs 10,000, you will get Rs 10,000 in your bank account and no Game Balance.

FAQ - UltraCash

What is Ultracash in Rummy Passion?

The UltraCash feature gives you the opportunity to get more out of your winnings. By using UltraCash, you can convert your winnings into Game Balance. It rewards you with up to an additional 10% on the converted amount which increases your playing power on the Rummy Passion platform.

What are the benefits of using UltraCash?

UltraCash gives you an additional Game Balance for converting your Win Balance to Game Balance. Also, since the amount converted to Game Balance is not considered a part of your withdrawal, it helps you reduce your TDS liability.

Can I withdraw my Game Balance?

No, just like your Deposit Balance, the Game Balance can not be withdrawn as cash but can be used for gameplay without any restrictions.

Where can I see my Game Balance?

You can see your up-to-date Game Balance in the Account Overview section.

How is Game Balance tracked in Rummy Passion?

To view your Game Balance transactions, navigate to the My Transactions section in the main menu. After that, select Game Balance as the transaction type. This action will display all related transactions on your screen for easy review.

How do I add the win balance to my Game Balance?

You can add the win balance to your Game Balance during the withdrawal process by choosing specific conversion options offered by UltraCash.

What are the options for converting the withdrawal amount to Game Balance?

There are two options available:

  1. Max Value - It will give you 10% extra Game Balance
  2. Value Plus - It will give you 5% extra Game Balance
What is the Max Value option in the UltraCash feature?

With the Max Value option, 70% of your withdrawal becomes Game Balance. The remaining 30% is sent to your bank account. Additionally, you receive a 10% extra Game Balance on the converted Game Balance.


If your withdrawal request amount is ₹1,000. You will get ₹300 immediately in your bank. The remaining ₹700 will be converted into Game Balance. You will get 10% of ₹700 i.e. ₹70 additional Game Balance in your account, resulting in a total Game Balance of ₹770.

Can I choose not to convert my winnings to Game Balance?

Yes, you can withdraw your entire winnings to your bank account without converting any part of it into a Game Balance.

How is Game Balance used in gameplay?

Game Balance is utilised first for gameplay before other types of bonuses.

How does Game Balance affect TDS calculations?

When calculating TDS, only the amount you withdraw to your bank account is considered. The portion that you convert to Game Balance through UltraCash is not included in this calculation, which can help in reducing the TDS on your winnings.

What happens to Game Balance if a withdrawal is rejected?

If a withdrawal is rejected, the part of the winnings converted into Game Balance remains in your Game Balance account and the failed withdrawal amount will be added back to your Rummy Passion Win Wallet.

Are there any restrictions on when I can add to my Game Balance?

Yes, adding to your Game Balance is only possible during the withdrawal process.

Can I convert my Game Balance back to Win Balance?

Once converted to Game Balance, Win Balance cannot be converted back. It can only be used to play cash games. The winnings from the Game Balance will be added to your win balance.

Is there a limit to the number of times a player can use UltraCash?

There is no limit. You can enjoy UltraCash with every withdrawal without any limit to enhance your gameplay experience.

Are there any specific conditions to be eligible for UltraCash?

The UltraCash is available to all tier users without any specific eligibility criteria. At Rummy Passion, users can opt for the UltraCash feature during the withdrawal process.

Ready to Try UltraCash?

If you’re excited to try UltraCash and see how it can boost your Game Balance and winnings, then don’t wait any longer. Join Rummy Passion today and start playing your favourite rummy games online. You can also claim a welcome bonus of up to 7,000 when you make your first deposit.