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Your entry to Freeroll Tournaments is always FREE. In addition to Freeroll Tournaments, you can participate in Cash Tournaments as well! Sign up for Cash 20, Cash 50, Cash 75, Cash 100 or Cash 1000 Tournaments and compete to win big money.

Cash 1000 Tournament
  • Prize Pool - Rs 26,700
  • Number of Prizes - 5
  • Entry Fee - Rs 1,000
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Turbo
  • No. of Players - 30
  • Estimated Duration - 24 Minutes
Cash 100 Tournament
  • Prize Pool - Rs 1,056
  • Number of Prizes - 3
  • Entry Fee - Rs 100
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Sit & Go Turbo
  • No. of Players - 12
  • Estimated Duration - 24 Minutes
Cash 50 Tournament
  • Prize Pool - Rs 510
  • Number of Prizes - 3
  • Entry Fee - Rs 50
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Sit & Go Turbo
  • No. of Players - 12
  • Estimated Duration - 24 Minutes
Cash 25 Tournament
  • Prize Pool - Rs 251
  • Number of Prizes - 3
  • Entry Fee - Rs 25
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Sit & Go Turbo Max
  • No. of Players - 12
  • Estimated Duration - 8 Minutes
Cash 10 Tournament
  • Prize Pool - Rs 100
  • Number of Prizes - 3
  • Entry Fee - Rs 10
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Sit & Go Turbo Max
  • No. of Players - 12
  • Estimated Duration - 8 Minutes
Freeroll Jackpot Tournament Rs. 1000 GTD
  • Prize Pool - Rs 1,000
  • Entry Fee - Free
  • Tournament Start Time - Daily 10 AM
  • No. of Players - 500
  • Registration Start Time - 48 hours before the Tournament starts
Beginner's Tournament win Rs. 500 GTD
  • Prize Pool - Rs 500
  • Entry Fee - Free
  • Tournament Start Time - Daily 7 PM
  • No. of Players - 30
  • Registration Start Time - 48 hours before the Tournament starts

Types of Rummy Tournaments

A variety of tournaments, namely Freeroll Tournaments and Cash Tournaments, are hosted on a regular basis. In cash rummy tournaments, players are required to pay an entry fee, which contributes to the prize pool. On the other hand, freeroll tournaments provide an enticing opportunity as they do not impose entry fee, allowing players to join without incurring any cost.

Rummy Passion takes pride in hosting freeroll tournaments and cash tournaments on a regular basis, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gaming environment for rummy enthusiasts. Whether you look for the excitement of cash tournaments or the accessible nature of freeroll rummy tournaments, Rummy Passion gives ample opportunity to participate, compete, and potentially walk away with impressive cash prizes.

Cash Rummy Tournaments

In cash rummy tournaments, participants have to pay an entry fee in order to join the competition. The prizes awarded to players vary depending on the entry fee for the tournament and the winning positions as well. This style of rummy tournament has gained immense popularity among players in India who are seeking constant excitement while competing against fellow rummy enthusiasts. Rummy Passion regularly hosts Cash Rummy Tournaments with varied entry fees, providing players with various opportunities to win rewards.

You can participate in Sit & Go Cash 20, Sit & Go Cash 50, Sit & Go Cash 75, and Cash 100 Turbo.

Freeroll Tournament

In freeroll tournaments participants don’t have to pay any entry fee. These tournaments offer the opportunity to win huge rewards without any entrance fees. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player in online rummy card games, you can take part in these tournaments. It allows players to participate without any financial commitment, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players to showcase their rummy skills and compete for exciting rewards.

The two most popular freeroll tournaments on Rummy Passion are Jackpot 1K and Beginners 500.

Understanding Rummy Tournaments

Players get seated across multiple tables in a random manner based on the number of players who join a tournament. There can be a maximum of 6 players at each table. The maximum and minimum number of participants required for every tournament vary. If the maximum number of participants has registered for a particular tournament, any subsequent players who wish to register will be waitlisted. If minimum players that are required have not registered, that particular tournament will be cancelled and entry fee will be reversed to your account if playing for cash tournament.

The tournaments are usually first-come-first-serve basis. If the registered player does not show up at the time of the tournament, the game will start with his/her seat reserved on autoplay mode. If this player misses 3 consecutive turns he/she will be considered dropped and the game will be over for him/her. If he comes before the drop, then he/she can continue his/her game from that point on. When a player registers (whether seats are available or waitlisted), the registration fees will be deducted from their account.

Any registered player may withdraw his registration till 5 minutes prior to the start time of the tournament. No cancellations will be entertained if less than 5 minutes are remaining before the start time of the tournament. If the tournament is canceled then full fees will be refunded. Tournament start and cancellation email will be sent to players who have registered at the email address they have registered themselves with.

If the registered player is online on our app and playing any other game, a popup window will be displayed to them indicating that the tournament is about to begin, provided that the player has allowed our popup.

How to Participate in Rummy Tournaments

Rummy Tournaments on Rummy Passion are simple to join and easy to play. Just follow these simple steps to participate in the tournaments.

  1. Go to Rummy Lobby and click the “TOURNAMENTS” option in the top navigation bar.
  2. Tournaments can be found under the CASH and FREEROLL sections.
  3. Click on the “Register” button for a rummy tournament in which you want to participate from the list of tournaments.
  4. When you register for a cash rummy tournament, the entry fee is deducted from your account.
  5. Once you’ve registered, the tournament will appear in My Tournaments, where you can keep track of your progress.
  6. You can wait if the maximum number of players for a Sit & Go event has already been reached, and play in a new tournament.

How to withdraw Rummy Tournament Winnings

The winning amount will be credited to the Rummy Passion account once the winners are announced. Players can withdraw their winnings from their Rummy Passion account instantly.

Rummy Tournaments Terms & Conditions

  1. To participate in the tournament, you need to make at least one deposit in your Rummy Passion account.
  2. Verify your mobile number to join the Rummy tournament.
  3. A fixed number of players are assigned seats at the rummy tables depending on the type of tournament you are participating in.
  4. In the event of disagreement about the winner’s selection, Rummy Passion’s decision shall be final and conclusive.
  5. All the services provided by Rummy Passion are subject to the terms of service.
  6. You can contact our customer service for any queries.


Online rummy tournaments offer a splendid opportunity to contend e for real cash prizes, all while playing with Rummy aficionados across the nation. Rummy players can win from the tournaments by successfully utilising their strategies and skills in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Partake in Rummy tournaments right away on Rummy Passion to win a share of enormous cash rewards.


What are Cash Rummy Tournaments?

Cash rummy tournaments are tournaments in which you have to pay an entrance fee. In online cash rummy tournaments, you can win huge cash rewards. This style of tournament is very popular among players because the winning amount is based on the entry fee. The bigger the entry fee, the bigger the cash reward.

What are Freeroll Rummy Tournaments?

Freeroll rummy tournaments are tournaments in which you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. You can win huge rewards without paying any entry fees. This rummy tournament can be played by newbies as well. In Freeroll tournaments, you don’t have to commit yourself financially, making it an ideal opportunity to showcase your rummy gameplay skills and win huge rewards.

What are Sit & Go Rummy Tournaments?

Sit & Go rummy tournaments are the cash tournaments that can be played by beginners as well. Since it starts when the minimum number of registrants is reached, it has no start time.

What are Turbo Max Rummy Tournaments?

Turbo Max rummy tournaments are cash rummy tournaments played for one deal. In this tournament, the waiting time for the first player when the deal starts is 45 seconds. The waiting time for each turn is 15 seconds, and the buffer time is 30 seconds.

Note: There will be only one No-action turn allowed, after which the player will be dropped from the game automatically.

What are Turbo Tournaments?

Turbo rummy tournaments are cash tournaments that provide a smooth gaming experience to players with less waiting time. A maximum of 3 deals can be played in cash turbo tournaments. The waiting time for the first player when the deal starts is 45 seconds, while the waiting time for each turn and buffer time is 30 seconds each.

What are Regular Tournaments?

The regular tournaments are the tournaments that take place ahead of time. The deals decided in the regular tournament are based on the number of players playing it. The time bank for the first player when a deal starts is 45 seconds, while the time bank for each turn and buffer time is 45 seconds and 30 seconds, respectively.

How Long Does a Rummy Tournament Last?

The duration of a rummy tournament depends on the specific tournament you are participating in.

What Happens if a Tournament is Cancelled?

If a tournament is cancelled, players are informed via email in advance. The entrance fee paid by the players is returned to them.

What Happens if I am Disconnected in a Rummy Tournament?

If you are disconnected from the tournament, first check your internet connectivity. If the internet connection is working properly, you can rejoin the tournament by clicking on the “Join” button.

How can I Withdraw my Rummy Tournaments Winnings?

The winning amount is credited to your Rummy Passion account after the winners are announced. You can withdraw your winnings instantly from your Rummy Passion account.

When does a Rummy Tournament start?

A rummy tournament starts at a specific time, depending on the tournament you are participating in.

Rummy Tournaments on Rummy Passion can be played on?

You can play online rummy tournaments on Rummy Passion in the mobile application only.