Win Up to Rs 10 Lakhs with Monthly Leaderboards

Win Up to Rs 10 Lakhs with Monthly Leaderboards

Winning in Leaderboards is a testament of your skills and unbent resolution to take your name to the top of the winner’s list. Leaderboards at Rummy Passion have always been highly enticing for players. The thrill of chasing Big Wins have always kept players’ interest soaring for more. These Leaderboards aren’t only for big spenders. The tables have been levelled for all tier players, allowing them to compete and win their share. If you have got the competitive spirit in you, Leaderboard is your perfect pick.

How Leaderboard Works?

Getting started with Leaderboards is unbelievably easy. In just a few steps, you become eligible to participate in the Leaderboards. Here’s how to get started:

STEP 1 - Complete Your KYC
Since KYC (Know Your Customer) works as a security layer, Rummy Passion has made it mandatory for all players to complete their KYC. So, to claim your wins that you have made from Leaderboard promotions, make sure you’ve completed your profile, including your KYC details.
kyc leaderborad
promotion leaderborad
STEP 2 - Keep an Eye on Current Promotions
At Rummy Passion, you may come across Leaderboards running every week. To stay abreast of the latest promotions, keep an eye on the ‘Current Promotion’ section. To do so, subscribe to our communication channels (SMS, Email, Popup, Bell Notification, Banner, and Push Notifications) and get yourself surrounded by the latest promotions.
STEP 3 - You’re Good to Go! Start Playing!
Once you ‘Add Cash’ in your Rummy Passion account, go ahead and select a table and a variant of your choice to play cash games. To turn out to be the ultimate topper in the Leaderboard, we would advise you to play cash games on high-value tables. Yes, playing cash games on high-value tables is the best way to take a massive lead on the Leaderboard ranking table and make significant cash.
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STEP 4 - Keep a Tab on Your Ranking
Each point matters in Leaderboard contests since the rank is calculated based on the Points earned by winning Cash Games. So, it’s imperative to stay updated about your position on the Leaderboard, as your rival players may be pushing hard to topple your position and take the lead. The only way to steer ahead of them is to keep checking your score on the Leaderboard in real-time. If you miss the mark, play more cash games to stay ahead of them.
STEP 5 - Clutch Big Wins
Your winnings are calculated and shared as a prize pool on the following day. It’s important to note that Prize Pool varies for each Leaderboard, ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000. Also, winnings will be only credited to your account if you have completed your profile and KYC. Please note that Leaderboards will be subject to a winning requirement conferring to the criteria mentioned there. Please check Rummy Passion's Bonus Terms Bonus Terms & Conditions.
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Benefits of Playing Leaderboards

Leaderboards aren’t exactly the same as regular cash games you play. The rewards are bigger and better. The more you win cash games from the Leaderboards, the more points you incur. Ultimately, the more are your points, the more will be your share from the prize pool. Besides, on the day of Leaderboards, you can multiply your deposit money by utilizing some offers that may fall on specific days such as the Sunday Passion Bonus. By way of illustration, if a Leaderboard promotion falls on Sunday, you can make a deposit using the code PASSION and get 30% Cash Bonus on your deposits.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can only play Cash Games of any variant (Deals, Points or Pool Rummy). No Free Games or Tournaments are allowed!
  • KYC Completion is mandatory to get your winnings from the Leaderboard in your account.
  • Players from any Tier (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black) are eligible to participate in the Leaderboards!
  • Leaderboards can last from 1 day to a week, so keep an eye on the validity.
  • Winners may vary from 5 to 500 for every leaderboard.
  • Prize Money will be added the following day of the leaderboard.