Take a Self-Assessment Survey at Rummy Passion

Have you ever taken a self-assessment survey at Rummy Passion? The makers always recommend its players to attempt the survey, as that will help them evaluate their gaming level relative to these 4 categories: 0 - Not at All, 1 - Rarely, 2 - Sometimes, and 3 - Often. After all - “It’s always better to Play Safe than Regretting Later.”

Gateway to Self-Gaming Analysis

Visit the Rummy Passion website on your browser or open the Rummy Passion app to login into your account with a valid username and password. Then go to -> ‘My Account’ section -> ‘Account Overview’ -> and ‘Responsible Gaming’ -> that will take you to the ‘Self Exclusion’ page. At the bottom of the page, tap on the ‘Click’ button to open the survey. Start your survey right away. Once you click on the Submit button, your response will be redirected to the customer support team where they will score your gaming level and assist you accordingly.

A Brief of the Survey Questionnaire

Question 1 - Have you played with more money than you could afford to spend?

Question 2 - In the last one month, have you felt the need for playing online with more money to feel excited?

Question 3 - In the past, when you lost a game, did you try playing another one to win back the money you lost? 

Question 4 - Have you ever borrowed money or sold something to get money to play online? 

Question 5 - Have you ever felt guilty about the amount of time you spend online?

Question 6 - Has playing online left you with health problems like stress or anxiety?

Question 7 - Have your family or friends criticized your habit of playing online?

Question 8 - Have your family faced any financial trouble because of you playing online?

Question 9 - Has playing online ever affected your daily work?

Question 10 - Now that you have decided to play again at Rummy Passion, are you worried about your gameplay?

Rating Scale

  • 0 = Not at all - Congratulations! You are doing extremely well!
  • 1 = Rarely - You Deserve an Applause! You are categorized as an expert rummy player. However, there is scope of improvement if you want to become a rummy master.
  • 2 = Sometimes - It’s a Wake-Up Call! Rummy Passion warns you to be cautious of your gameplay and revaluate yourself. Play responsibly and indulge yourself in safe gaming practices.
  • 3 = Others - Do You Need a Break? Give a call on our helpline number and take wise advice from our customer support professional who will then assist you to play efficiently.

Tips to Practice Responsible Gaming

  • Tip No 1 - Keep a check on your purchasing limits, i.e., don’t spend beyond what you can easily afford. For this, you can set your buying limits as well as keep a tab on your wins and losses. Make sure your losses are less than your wins.
  • Tip No 2 - Secondly, think logically and keep no room for emotions. Rummy is an entertaining game and should be played for recreation only. So, even if you are losing in cash games, instead of chasing your losses, learn to accept the fall.
  • Tip No 3 - Excess of everything is bad even if it’s the game of rummy. If rummy is running through your head all the time, and you’re incapable of keeping a tab on your gaming activity, limit yourself. Set your monthly/daily purchase limits, as that will help you play for a defined period.
  • Tip No 4 - Time is a precious asset and should be consumed wisely. For an enjoyable rummy experience, preset your time or choose to play during your free hours. If you still can’t control your game limits, take a break with Rummy Passion’s Self-Exclusion feature. This feature allows rummy players to take a break on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Tip No 5 - Rummy Passion suggests you to keep your learning process ON, partake in the latest tournaments, ongoing promotions, etc., and battle hard on the tables. Also, to keep your passion for gaming forever going, keep trying different variants of rummy. Check out the latest blog section to glance at our new features, upgrades, and new strategies for the betterment of your game.

Take a Test & Gauge Yourself

Self-analyzing your skills is always better than regretting later! After all, who wouldn’t want to improve? Yes, rummy is truly an entertaining game and one should play with a key aim to enjoy. So, attempt the survey right away, analyse where you stand, improve your gameplay, and bask in the glory of success in online rummy!