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Applauding the August 2021 Winners at Rummy Passion

Author Akshita Date 07 Sep 2021
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Applauding the August 2021 Winners at Rummy Passion

Winning is not a one-time activity, it is rather a habit formed by relentless efforts and perseverance. And this anecdote has been proven excessively by the passionate rummy players at Rummy Passion. As we step into another fabulous month, let's not forget the success of every player who gave their best and grabbed the top spot amongst top winners at Rummy Passion. We heartily congratulate each of you and wish you many more such successes in the future.

Table of Contents

A) Top Promotions in August at Rummy Passion

B) Top Winners in Points Rummy

C) Top Winners in Pool Rummy

D) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

E) What’s in Store for September 2021?

A) Top Promotions in August at Rummy Passion

The month of August held many wonderful memories of competitive leaderboards and other promotional offers at the vibrant game tables of Rummy Passion. The raining cash and month-end leaderboards captivate the maximum players' attention, what with them running for three days each. Each one of these provided our beloved players an opportunity to hone their rummy skills and prove their mettle against their opponents. Here's a glimpse of all the promotions held during August.

Monsoon Surprise Leaderboard (Black-Tier) 3rd August 2021
Mega August Leaderboard (Silver Tier) 4th August 2021
Freedom Week Leaderboard (Platinum-Tier) 10th August 2021
Liberty Leaderboard (Silver Tier) 11th August 2021
Independence Leaderboard (Gold Tier) 13th August 2021
Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD 14th August 2021
Raining Cash Leaderboard (Silver Tier) 16th To 18th August 2021
Month-End Leaderboard (Gold Tier) 23rd To 25th August 2021

B) Top Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 baba7779 8602
2 Abdulhamid78 8054
3 Ramb11 7065
4 vanumamalai 6993
5 Hanamataraya 6971
6 Jerbat 6494
7 ANANDARAJ391 6436
8 Abhijeet21 6061
9 Rajasarow 5753
10 Priyathamiyc 5709

C) Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Mujju1234 694
2 Pramod1a 649
3 Guruchavhan 614
4 amolkadam172 602
5 Shakthi20 581
6 RameshOye 577
7 Pramod130704 542
8 Sujitrathod 535
9 shalimar_p 499
10 Sujatajanavi 494

D) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 chandra1989 2071
2 Sandy333 1313
3 vishalkadamp 1246
4 pravin820 1106
5 Chandan349 992
6 Sathya01 972
7 Sid24 893
8 Snehasi7 871
9 ManishKothal 799
10 Prem9865 795

E) What's in Store for September 2021?

Ah! The lovely autumn is on its way, where the trees shower colourful leaves, the fallen petals make our walkways beautiful, and after a long spell of rain, we can finally experience the sun's warmth without its sweltering heat as in summers. But do you what's going to be lovelier than the weather outside? Yes, it's the beauty of exciting offers and promotions at Rummy Passion. Here's a glimpse of what to expect this month.

Smashing September 5L Leaderboard 1st September - 7th September 2021
Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD 11th September 2021
Weekly Blast 2L Leaderboard (Silver-tier) 15th September – 17th September 2021

In a Nutshell

"Winning means you are willing to Go Longer, Work Harder, and Give More than anyone else." - Vince Lombardi

Every player at Rummy Passion understands the importance of perseverance, patience and practice to excel at the game tables. It is these 3P's that aid them in building up their skills and grabbing a spot amongst the list of top winners every month. If you've made it to the list this time, we'd recommend you to keep playing with the same vigour and passion to continue ranking higher every time. Remember, a true winner never stops working hard, and after accomplishing one goal, sets up a tougher and higher one to go beyond his limits and become a true champ. Wishing you all the best for September!

Happy Gaming

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