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The Millionaire’s Guide to Online Rummy Games

Author Prateek Date 28 Feb 2017
Published in Rummy Strategies
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The Millionaire’s Guide to Online Rummy Games

You can play online Rummy Games on your desktop computer and on a mobile device such as a smartphone. Here is a quick guide of what is necessary for a 13 card Indian Rummy player:

Requirement Desktop Rummy Mobile Rummy
Device Laptop or Desktop Computer Smartphone with 4.5 inch screen size
Internet Connection Broadband Connection 3G or 4G
Banking Method Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, PayTM, PayU or other ewallets Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, PayTM, PayU or other ewallets
Software Download Instant Play or Download Game access through browser
Registration Simple 2-3 step process Simple 2-3 step process

Good quality online rummy sites should offer high quality games with superior features. If the games are slow or stop while you are playing, the software quality is not good. When you are playing mobile rummy and your phone runs out of battery or becomes very hot, the software again is of poor quality. Another concern should be the safety of your banking transactions. The rummy site you play at must employ 128 bit SSL (secured socket layered) encryption technology on their site to give you assurance against cyber thieves.

Also, you should be getting regular emails from the site you have opened your account at. The website should inform you of your account status and any special bonuses on offer. If you have registered a valid mobile number, you should also be receiving SMS and phone call communication as well. These are hallmarks of a good rummy website. We at make sure that we provide 100% fair, legal, safe, secure and smooth 13 card Indian rummy games to our players. We want to ensure your experience with us is hassle free and thoroughly enjoyable.

A rummy millionaire is not a pipe dream for our players; in fact we have already made some millionaires already. Here we are giving you some features of desktop and mobile rummy games so you can make a side by side comparison of both and choose to play one or the other or even both.

Features Desktop Rummy Mobile Rummy
Game 13 card Indian rummy 13 card Indian rummy
Number of Players 2 min 6 max 2 min 6 max
Draw and Discard Cards Use Mouse or Arrow Keys Swipe on screen to draw or discard cards
Card Grouping Option Available Available
Access to Game Lobby Through Cash Games Tab Direct
Variations Available Points, Pool and Deals Points, Pool and Deals
Tournaments Available Freeroll and Cash Freeroll and Cash
Play Anywhere Anytime N/A Available

We give you every reason to play exciting games with real players, 24/7 at Rummy Passion and win big cash at our mobile and desktop rummy tables. People from all across India love what they see and get at Rummy Passion. You too have so many reasons to join us and Play Love Win with us.

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