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3P's of Rummy - Practice, Patience, & Passion!

Author Ruby Date 25 Mar 2021
Published in Rummy Passion
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3P's of Rummy - Practice, Patience, & Passion!

The popularity of Online Games has increased by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the technology spike and compatible Smartphones that has led to the growing demand. By way of illustration, currently, Online Rummy has become the most played game in India, and its demand doesn’t seem to stop in times to come. Online Rummy has several folds abound with rules and various other tricks and strategies to help you make the right decision in your game. Besides, the factors like excitement, entertainment, and stress relieving seem to be at the helm. Little did you know, the game also improves your brain functioning, sharpens your analytical and logical skills and more.

Despite this, success in rummy is always very inspiring. Regardless of whether the accomplishment is big or small, the game brings an innate sense of confidence and zeal in players to perform better in future. If you’re in the initial stages of learning rummy and looking for a winning approach, then this blog will walk you through the 3 Mantras of Rummy - ‘Practice’, ‘Patience’, and ‘Passion’.

3 Mantras of Rummy

Practice - As it is said - ‘Practice as If You are the Worst and Perform as If You Are the Best.’ Practicing is simply an activity that you repeat to become proficient. While on rummy tables, you may face a myriad of challenges from your opponents. To overcome such challenges, use practicing as your armour. The more you will practice, the more exposure you will get and the better you will perform to overcome challenges. Now, to get the most out of practice, you need to focus and move slowly and steadily in your game. Furthermore, you need to understand that there’s no limit to learning in rummy. It’s vigorous practicing that has taken many players to reach pinnacles, and not doing so in rummy is just like planting a seed in a barren land.

Patience - To define ‘Patience’, it’s an ability to endure undesirable happenings around us. And nothing is as destroying as lack of patience. In Rummy, it may be crucial to possess the skills to analyse and articulate the cards in hand and make the right move, but merely keeping a vigil eye on your opponent isn’t enough. Relax! It’s when patience steps in. Being calm and composed can assuredly help you outplay your rival’s moves. Yes, to see a winning outcome, you need to adopt a bulldog tenacity, i.e., be patient, wait for the right time and play your cards right. Now, you can do this by accessing 2-3 moves made by your opponent. To put it in another way, irrespective of your skill level, patience is something you must possess.

Passion - ‘Passion’ is something that you’re strongly interested in. Talking about rummy, while on the tables, you may connect with some of India's finest players who just not use their knowledge against online players but also are passionate souls for whom rummy is religion. So, follow the expert players’ approach, i.e., be ardent about the rummy game and learn how they perform at the tables by watching their moves. Their guidance can surely help you advance your skills.

Final Thoughts

As a rummy player, you should never overlook the thought that there’s no shortcut to rummy. Your idea to attain perfection in the game should be realistic. So, before you make out to Rummy Passion's tables and receive its elite gaming services, understand the ground Rules of Rummy, along with the 3P’s mentioned above that are the most significant contributors to success in the rummy game. Leverage them to compete against millions of online rummy players, having varying skills and see success kissing your feet.

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