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What Makes Red So Special For Us

Author Prateek Date 23 Feb 2017
Published in Rummy Passion
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What Makes Red So Special For Us

There is a very thin line between belief and superstition. Even the use of a color can be quickly labeled as a trademark. While constructing Rummy Passion, there were many discussions about the card design, table presentation, avatar appearance and the color or the layout of India’s most loved online rummy destination. Everything was first experimented and then implemented with proper customizations to form the perfect blend of tradition and technology.

We always wanted to paint our house in the color red. There are many reasons behind it, the color is auspicious and signifies strength, bravery and courage. We started a mission against monotony of the boring oldies. It was a red letter day for the industry as we changed the whole structure. We took it as a challenge and worked on every single aspect of online rummy. Even the designing of the Passion Rewards Club tree with branches of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black has given us a national recognition among players.

“Rummy is not just a game; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of throwing cards; it is a matter of strong will, the quality of decision making. It is a rain after a long drought”

Red Army: Standing Tall

What does physics has to say about red? The prism disperses white light into its constituent colors and red is deviated least. This optical phenomena also explains wavelength (λ) and the color red has the highest wavelength amongst all the colors. Let’s break it up. The higher the wavelength, the higher is the energy and pitch. It makes us a stand out performer and differentiates us from all the others. We’ve created the red army and our proud soldiers or users have always been our greatest strength.

“We’ve got Passion in our Blood and Red is the Color of it”

Red is the Color of India

Red is the color of power, prosperity and love. Talking about the Hindu beliefs and customs, the most figurative has always been in the life of a married woman. A pinch of red sindoor on her forehead, red mehandi or henna on her hands symbolizes the new beginning of her life.

In most parts of India, the bride's first step into her home is initiated by having her feet dip in red water and walk on the floor, the colored prints on the floor are also considered as the blessings of the goddess Laxmi. We at, Rummy Passion want to contribute immensely towards bringing prosperity in your life and what better than offering our vintage card game with amazing offers of bonus and promotions. And, when it’s about happiness and smiles, you can surely count on us.

Rummy Passion - Let’s Paint the Nation Red

Who says you can’t change anything on your own? If you are determined and sincere, things will fall in the right place. We are not exercising self praising vocals, but today the whole nation is witnessing our success. We have a mission in our mind and are progressing in the right direction, we feel that players of India deserve a prominent and digitally advanced rummy environment, where they can express themselves in the best way. Most brands in the industry keep everything plain, ordinary and tasteless, and as a result people were showing less interest in the game. We’ve decorated everything, just to make the game more lively and charming.


Let’s paint the whole nation red. We are very satisfied and happy with our position amongst our players, watching the game get popular is a pleasurable sight to witness. We will not settle until we are done with our mission. Join the club and together lets spread the happiness and make our country an online rummy nation. See you at the tables!

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