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How Rummy Passion Tackles Players' Irresponsible Gaming?

Author Ruby Date 28 Jan 2021
Published in Rummy Passion
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How Rummy Passion Tackles Players' Irresponsible Gaming?

Over the past few years, the online Real Money games in India have swelled steadily, partly owing to the fact that more cutting-edge technologies have stepped in. While most players comprehend the importance of disciplined gaming, some face trouble controlling their desire to play responsibly. Taking all this into consideration, what is it that online gaming companies like Rummy Passion does to tackle irresponsible gaming?

Harnessing Innovative Technologies to Tackle Irresponsible Gaming

India’s Most Loved Rummy App has always aimed at providing services to players that route towards safe and authentic gaming. Rummy Passion has exhibited persistently that it not only adheres to all responsible gaming norms but also encourages its players to follow the same. Moving forward, the site has taken on the following initiatives:

Spending Limits - Rummy Passion acutely looks into the data of each player that shows their spending capacity. By way of illustration, a new player makes a nominal deposit, which is fine, but if he/she starts spending a larger amount too frequently and incur losses, it becomes a problem. The highly professional team comes to the rescue by determining the level of risk associated with their gaming behaviour and work in a direction to bring their insensible gaming deeds under control.

Self-Assessment Survey - Irrespective of whether a player is a novice or a master of the game, Rummy Passion asks its online players to take the Self-Assessment Survey, every so often to evaluate their gaming conducts. Once a player takes the survey, one of the player support specialists will analyse these responses and back players in their gameplay accordingly.

Fetch Players’ Data - Rummy Passion has employed a highly competent team who looks after the correlating statistics, such as age, location, and playing patterns, used for figuring out various aspects of players’ journey. For example, players’ spending and Withdrawal Methods (if deviates from usual payment methods) are monitored closely by the risk-management team to help them gauge the risks associated with players and their gaming behaviour.

Self-Exclusion - In a quest to safeguard the players from adverse consequences of irresponsible gaming, Rummy Passion has a running feature on the app that self-excludes players from the site for a while or even permanently. Furthermore, the site has centralised Self-Exclusion system so that players can effortlessly block access to their account on their own.

How Can You Play It Right?

  • Play Rummy Astutely - Always practice moderate gameplay and strike a balance whenever required. Whenever you play rummy, take it as merely an entertainment factor. This will resist you from getting addicted to the game. To make sure, you follow a healthy gaming lifestyle, do self-analysis through our survey, as discussed before.
  • Play for Recreation - Though rummy helps you unwind from daily tensions and stress, one should not forget to consider the game as a recreational activity. Like any other game, play rummy in a way that you feel happy and relaxed at the end of the day. Having such a positive mindset will help you upkeep your traits of a responsible gamer.
  • Prioritise Daily Chores Over Rummy - Rummy should never be assumed as your primary chore of the day. Everyone is occupied with priorities in their life, and so should you be. Set a time for this recreational activity, and if not, play when you are unburdened from other tasks. The game, in any case, shouldn’t come in between your daily tasks.

The Outline

Initiatives like these have effectively minimised gaming addiction amongst players and have assisted them in promoting self-control. Besides, it’s the communal responsibility of each player to follow Responsible Gaming, which is a comprehensive fragment of the online gaming industry. We urge you all to take note of these parameters, the next time you play rummy.

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