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Have You Claimed Our Valentine’s Week Bonus Yet?

Author RummyPassion Date 16 Feb 2017
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Have You Claimed Our Valentine’s Week Bonus Yet?

Have you claimed our Valentine’s Week Bonus yet? If not, then you are missing out on a lot of February fun as this marvelous offer can add up to Rs 2000 in your account, just use the Bonus Code LOVE17 and make a deposit on any day between 13 – 18 February. A few days have already gone by and many ultimate rummy players have already taken advantage of this scheme. This sizzling promotion is firing up the whole online rummy world. Hundreds of players are already playing on our tables and are making tons of money with their rummy skills. Don’t sit back and act like lazy spectator when you can be the Michael Jordan of the game! Be an active player and make the best of this opportunity.

How to Claim the Rummy Bonus

Claiming the Valentine’s Week bonus is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. If you already have an account with Rummy Passion, you just need to log in and make a deposit. At the time you are making a deposit, you should enter the Bonus Code LOVE17. Just ensure that you make the deposit before the bonus scheme expires.

Steps to Claim

  • Log in to your account at
  • Make a deposit by clicking on ‘Add Cash’ anytime before February 18 using any deposit method
  • Enter Code LOVE17
  • 100% match bonus up to Rs 2000 will be added to your account automatically
  • Play cash games at the table of your choice
  • This is the easiest way to double your play money

Valentine’s Week is from 13 – 18 February

From now on February will always be remembered as a special month for online rummy. During this bonus period there are many ultimate rummy players, who are stealing the show and making memorable moments out of their leisure time. We’ve got IT guys, housewives, shopkeepers, government employees and folks from all walks of life claiming this bonus amount.

Meet our Winner Mrs. Manikuntala

Though many players availed this promotion, but it was Mrs Manikuntala, a bank employee from Karnataka who pestled everybody down with her fantastic card work and quick moves. She won a whopping Rs. 10,000 with just a deposit of Rs. 2000. She played points rummy and some games of deals rummy during her stay at the tables. It was the deals rummy games that actually locked in the win for her. Understanding the game flow is a vital part and carries a huge factor in deciding your fate. She was always cool and composed even when things weren't going the way they were supposed to for her. And this has been her success mantra so far. The offer still runs for a few more days, let’s see if she still stays on the top.


Offering a week long promotion was always on our checklist and what better time than the season of love in this month of February to bring it to our awesome players. If you haven’t joined yet, it is perfect time to get on board; there are still a few days left. Rummy Passion will continue to give out exciting offers and promotions in the coming weeks. So keep playing your favorite card game on India’s most loved site. Happy Gaming!

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