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Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I

Author RummyPassion Date 12 Nov 2020
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Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I

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Are you ready to unlock the treasure of cash rewards at Rummy Passion? Partake in the Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I on November 13 and play to win up to Rs 1,00,000. Deposit money, pit against your opponents in cash games and convert your deposits into big wins.

Offer Name Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I
Offer Dates November 13, 2020
Prize Pool Rs 1,00,000
Challenge Pro-Rata Leaderboard
Point Value 1 Point on Every Rs 100 Win
Announcement November 14, 2020
Number of Winners 100 Players
Updates Real-Time

NOTE - The prize money will be automatically added in your account after the Leaderboard ends.

Format of the League

Treasures at Rummy Passion come unhidden. If you are ready for an exciting treasure hunt, follow the below-mentioned steps to go the right way:

  • Ready?

    Alike other Leaderboards, you just have to start your journey with a deposit in your account. Add cash in your account beforehand so that you can merely focus on playing games.

  • Set?

    As the Leaderboard will take place on November 13, so as soon as the clock reaches 00:00 hours on November 13, charge your Smartphone to compete and amass big wins.

  • Go!

    Start playing cash games on any table and any game variant and use rummy skills at your disposal to top the Leaderboard.

  • Yey! You Won!

    Congrats! The prize money you win from the Leaderboard will be automatically added in your account after the Leaderboard ends.


  • A minimal deposit of Rs 100 is required to play cash games at Rummy Passion.
  • As the Leaderboard is for one day, so actively play to stand apart from other players.
  • A one-time deposit formerly is must for each registered player to join the Leaderboard.

Highlights of the Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I

  • Incredible Cash Rewards - The Leaderboard, as you know, holds a prize pool of up to Rs 1 Lakh. What's the twist? You can play cash games to your potential to clutch a maximum share of the prize.
  • A Captivating Session - Leaderboards are always fascinating. And with Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I lasting for a single day, it's your chance to grab the maximum advantage of it. Play, Enjoy, and Win!
  • Unlock the Next Tier - The treasures are not just reserved to cash rewards; there's more to it. You can play more and win more cash games to grab your entry in the next-level tier.

The Tricks at Glance

  • Put your best foot forward on the game tables and play cash rummy on high-value tables to grab the maximum share of the prize.
  • Don't leave your pals behind! Refer them under 'Refer A Friend' scheme and Claim Rs 10,000 Bonus.
  • Use reverse rummy gaming strategies, just like pro gamers do while playing cash games.

A Note to All Players

  • Please note that the cashback you win by taking part in the Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I will be subject to a wagering requirement conferring to the criteria mentioned there. Check Rummy Passion's  Bonus Terms & Conditions.
  • To claim your share of the bonus, please make sure that you’ve completed your profile, including your KYC details.
  • For further queries, you can always reach out to the support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Treasure Hunt Awaits You - Play to Win!

Rummy Passion has pledged to back you in your passion for rummy. Treasure Hunters Leaderboard I is not just a treasure hunt for you, but more than that. You not only play and win but gain your expertise in the game and clutch some other rewards as well. So, if that excites you, hop onto the tables on a set day and play hard to win big.

May the Treasure Be All Yours!

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