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Rummy Rangoli

Author RummyPassion Date 05 Nov 2020
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Rummy Rangoli

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Hey Rummy Connoisseurs! In the course of the next few days, you will be swamped up with Diwali preparations. While prepping up for the festival season, don’t forget to accumulate rewards, worth Rs 1 Crore with Rummy Rangoli at Rummy Passion. You read it right! To add gaiety and charm to your festive mood, Rummy Passion is meting out week-long promotions that will take your celebration mood to a whole new level. With the biggest offer running at the site from November 6 to 12, bring home heaps of fortune and cash prizes of up to Rs 1 Crore. Steer a glance at the offers and pave your way to non-stop entertainment at the tables.

1+1% Cashback on Min Entry Fee of Rs 100 Use Bonus Code RR60 to Get 60% Match Bonus Up to Rs 600
Rummy Rangoli Leaderboard I - 1 Lakh -
Win 10 Games on 6 Player Tables to Get Rs 100 Use Code PASSION & Get 25% Match Bonus Up to Rs 5,000
Rummy Rangoli Leaderboard II - 1 Lakh -
Play 100 Games, Get Rs 200 Use Bonus Code RR100 & Get 100% Match Bonus Up to Rs 1,000
Rummy Rangoli Leaderboard III - 1 Lakh Get 5% Cash Back Up to Rs 5,000 on NEFT deposits
(Play 5 Games, Get Rs 200, Play 50, Get Rs 2,500) - VIP Tables Use Bonus Code RR120 to Get 120% Match Bonus up to Rs 1,200

Diwali Shagun

“We Saved the Best for the Last!” Though the week is already sorted with mind-boggling promotions, we thought to add Diwali Shagun to it. Are you thrilled to know? Here’s all we have for those who are looking for more rib-tickling offers and want to add extra charm to their revelries.

No of Days Played >= 100 AMOUNT TO BE WON
1 Day Rs 51
2 Days Rs 101
3 Days Rs 151
4 Days Rs 301
5 Days Rs 501
6 Days Rs 751
7 Days Rs 1,251

  • November 6: COMBO REWARDS
  • “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Head Your Way to Happy Hours!” Enjoy Happy Hours only at your favourite Rummy Passion tables! On Day 1, get 1% Cashback in your account on the minimum table entry fee of Rs 100. For each fee, you get 1% Cashback.

    “As Party Without Champagne Is Just A Meeting, So Is Our Offer Without a Treat!” Hang On! We have more for you! When you make a deposit on day 1, you will get an EXTRA 60% Match Bonus Up to Rs 600. Use Bonus Code RR60 to avail the offer.

  • November 7: LEADERBOARD
  • “Go for Gains and Glory on Saturday with Rummy Passion!” Partake in the Rummy Rangoli Leaderboard I on November 7, play and win maximum cash games to clutch cash rewards of up to Rs 1,00,000. Your entry to this WOW Leaderboard starts with a minimal entry fee of Rs 100.

  • November 8: COMBO REWARDS
  • “It’s an EPIC Rs 100 Deal Today!” Are you up for grabs? Play and win 10 cash games today on 6 Player Tables and in return, we will credit Rs 100 as your bonus amount in your Rummy Passion account. This is an EXTRA bonus that we will give you, except for your winnings.

    “Are You Refuelling for Another Great Week?’’ First Grab the Sunday Treat from Us! Make a deposit in your Rummy Passion account, using the Bonus Code PASSION and get 25% Match Bonus up to Rs 5,000.

  • November 9: LEADERBOARD
  • “Sunday is Behind Us!” It’s Time to Beat Monday Blues with another splendid session of Rummy Rangoli Leaderboard II, worth Rs 1 Lakh. Join any cash table on November 9 and play to your heart’s content to grab maximum share of the cash prize.

  • November 10: COMBO REWARDS
  • “Congrats! You’re Halfway Through!” Rummy Passion invites you to get your hands onto this next amazing deal. Join cash tables on Day 5, play 100 cash games and get an EXTRA Rs 200 in your account. This bonus will be given apart from the winnings that you will make from playing 100 games.

    “We Can Feel Your Love for Match Bonus!” Since you have been demanding for this amusing deal, so here’s something for you. Deposit cash in your account to play cash games, using the Bonus Code RR100, and in return, get 100% Match Bonus up to Rs 1,000.

  • “Cast Your Eyes on this Splendid Deal Today!” Rummy Passion presents Rummy Rangoli Leaderboard III, worth Rs 1 Lakh. Join the cash tables on November 11, start competing against your competitors and win cash rewards of up to Rs 1 Lakh.


    “Cheers, It’s Wednesday!” Take advantage of the NEFT offer at Rummy Passion for making it big. How does the deal work? Well, make NEFT Deposits on Wednesday and grab 5% Cashback of up to Rs 5,000. As simple as that!

  • November 12: COMBO REWARDS
  • “It’s Time to Grace the VIP Tables at Rummy Passion!” Play 5 cash games on VIP tables, and get assured Rs 200. Want More? Extend your gaming session and play 50 cash games to get assured Rs 2,500. Isn’t that a Must-to-Grab deal? Get onto the tables, play with utmost dedication to let success kiss your feet!

    “Give a WOW Boost to Your Bankroll with this Impressive Deal! Deposit cash in your account, using the Bonus Code RR120 and claim 120% Match Bonus of Up to Rs 1,200. It’s quite easy to get your hands on this deal, so make sure to grab it.

How Diwali Shagun Will Work?

Diwali Shagun is much easier to grab than the other offers. The format of Diwali Shagun is quite simple! All you need to do is to play at least 100 games daily from Nov 6 to Nov 12 to avail the Bonus. The bonus will vary, based on the number of daily gameplays for several days. For instance,

  • If you play at least 100 games only for 1 day, Rs 51 Bonus will be credited to your account.
  • If you play at least 100 games for any of the 2 days, Rs 101 Bonus will be credited to your account.
  • If you play at least 100 games daily for any of the 3 days, Rs 151 Bonus will be credited to your account.
  • If you play at least 100 games daily for any of the 4 days, Rs 301 Bonus will be credited to your account.
  • If you play at least 100 games daily for any of the 5 days, Rs 501 Bonus will be credited to your account.
  • If you play at least 100 games daily for any of the 6 days, Rs 751 Bonus will be credited to your account.
  • If you play at least 100 games daily for 7 days, the Shagun Bonus of Rs 1,251 Bonus will be credited to your account.

We have proposed the best Diwali bonus for you. So, go ahead and make this Diwali – “A Shagun Wali Diwali.”

Steer Ahead in the Curve of Exciting Rewards!

Rummy Passion’s festive giveaways are bigger than ever before. With cash rewards of Rs 1 Crore, it’s your chance to shine with your rummy skills at the tables and clutch big rewards. This biggest Diwali Dhamaka - Rummy Rangoli will commence on November 6 and will conclude on November 12, so play during this festive week to your potential and increase your odds of winning big this Diwali.

Wishing You All a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

Terms & Conditions

  • Rummy Rangoli will start from November 6 at 00:00 hours and will conclude on November 12 at 23:59 hours.
  • The minimum fee to participate in the ‘Happy Hours’ is Rs 100. The winning amount would be rounded off to next multiple of Rs 10. For instance, if a player is eligible for a Cash Bonus of Rs 708, the amount of Rs 710 will be credited to their Rummy Passion account.
  • The winning amount will be credited into players’ account the next day.
  • While participating in the “Play More, Get More” offer on the last day of the promotion, a player needs to play on VIP tables to grab the offer.
  • A player should be at least one-time depositor at Rummy Passion for claiming the offer.
  • Also, all participating players must get their KYC verified to get their winning amount.
  • Players can only claim each offer only once.
  • The decision of the management will be final and binding in case of any dispute.
  • All standard Rummy Passion’s Bonus Terms & Conditions apply.
  • ‘Diwali Shagun’ will be credited to the players’ accounts on November 14. All winners will be required to login to their accounts to claim the bonus.

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