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Indian Rummy Leaderboard II

Author RummyPassion Date 12 Oct 2020
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Indian Rummy Leaderboard II

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Welcome back Rummy Buffs! Hope you’re having a gala time at Rummy Passion tables. Gear up to witness elevated excitement with Indian Rummy Leaderboard II on October 13, 2020. Head straight to the tables, play cash games and win up to Rs 1 lakh. But before that, don’t forget to uplift your rummy skills to see success kissing your feet.

Offer Name Indian Rummy Leaderboard II
Offer Dates October 13, 2020
Prize Pool Rs 1,00,000
Challenge Pro-Rata Leaderboard
Point Value 1 Point on Every Rs 100 Win
Announcement October 14
Number of Winners 100 Players
Updates Real-Time

NOTE - The prize money will be automatically added in your account after the Leaderboard ends.

How to Join this Scorching Deal?

To take part in the contest, play and win cash games on the scheduled day and amass sufficient cash. As you will be updated about your ranking in the real-time, keep an eye on it and improve your position by playing maximum cash games and grasp a significant share of Rs 1,00,000. So, as soon as the clock reaches 00:00 hrs on October 13, start competing with players and prove your mettle.

NOTE - A one-time deposit at Rummy Passion is must for each registered player for participating in the Leaderboard.

How to Reach the Top-Most Position on the Leaderboard?

Follow the below-mentioned practices in your game to achieve the highest rank on the Leaderboard.

  • Big Tables, Big Winnings - Choose high-value tables to play cash rummy games. Remember, the more is your deposit; the more will be your winnings.
  • Keep a Note of Your Ranking - Keeping an eye on your ranking will help you fight hard on the tables and reach the success ladder.
  • Play on All Days of the Contest - There’s a particular time-frame for each Leaderboard contest. For this, you will get one day to show your potential. So, make sure you are active on the day to seize big rewards.
  • Come Up with New Strategies - As far as the Leaderboards are concerned, you can always expect some soaring competition at cash tables. So, be prepared with some out-of-the-box strategies to throw a tough competition on other contenders.

A Note to All Players

  • Please note that the cashback you win by taking part in the Indian Rummy Leaderboard II will be subject to a wagering requirement conferring to the criteria mentioned there. Check Rummy Passion’s  Bonus Terms & Conditions.
  • To claim your share of the bonus, please make sure that you’ve completed your profile, including your KYC details.

Amp Up Your Game to Seize Big Rewards

With yet another challenge coming your way, it’s time to hone your skills and seize the deal at the cash tables. Holding a prize of Rs 1,00,000, you can surely foresee some thrilling competition with the upcoming Leaderboard. So, what’s making you stand still? Quest for the victory right away at your favourite game tables and grab hold of big cash rewards.

See You at the Tables!

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