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Rummy Tricks You Must Know

Author Prateek Date 11 Jul 2016
Published in Rummy Strategies
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Rummy Tricks You Must Know

Play rummy online and you could win handsome amounts of cash; you could fill your pockets with lakhs of rupees, not just a few thousands. Just like ‘cheat codes’ for the games on X-box or on Playstation, online rummy is the new syllabi for people searching out for big bucks through their card skills. So many people have the false perception that rummy is a very difficult card game and winning at it is not easy, but the truth is that the game is of pure skill. Just arrange your cards smartly and you are half way through.

I have played the game all over India at various clubs and also in some of the online rummy websites. In the past few years that I have spent in playing, I’ve earned a lot – both money and valuable experience which I am sharing on this blog post. So stay with me, and I’ll make sure that you’re the one who drives the show.

  • Arrangement of cards should be first
    Arrangement of Cards in RummyArranging your cards as per suites i.e. clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds is the fundamental approach ever player should follow, and those who practice this are the ones who direct the ship. Most of the time, we as a player don’t feel like putting our card in a proper sequence, which sometimes can even cost us a game.
    The next step will always sort the cards by color; make sure you have separated the red and black ones. Alternate red and black cards so you get a clear picture of what you are holding in your hand. This visualization helps in reducing the chances of discarding a card that you don’t wish to.
  • Choose low value cards
    If you put your thinking cap on and play smart, you can save some bucks in-spite of loosing a few Rummy Games. We have witnessed some of the epic battles, some nail biting encounters and observed that those who make their mark, discard the cards with higher points first. You should aim to do the same first so that you don’t carry a lot of points in case you lose the game.
    Patience is the key; don’t discard a higher value card in a hurry. If you discard a card in hurry, chances are that you might make a mistake and your opponent might pick up your discarded card and finish the game really quickly.
  • Eye on the neighborhood
    Keeping a track of your opponent’s card is the oldest trick in the book. A well kept track of cards can minimize the chances of your opponent’s win.
    Let’s do it with a real game example, let say we, discard 9 of clubs, and your opponent picked a closer card , maybe a 10 or 8 of the same suite. Then it would not be too clever of you to throw 9 of the clubs.
  • Pure Sequence
    Forming one pure sequence at the first go will surely prevent a lot of penalty points. After you arrange your hands the first thing you should be focusing at is, if you have got any pure sequences? In most of the cases, we don’t have the pure sequence at first, so our aim should be to make a pure sequence first, so even if you lose, you won’t be sitting at the bottom of the table.
  • Four Card sequence is “VALID”
    Most of the players are not aware that they could make a sequence of four cards too. Yes it is completely valid. Surprised, so now you can have an easy road for “Rummy”.
  • Joker is the King
    Joker is the KingThe Joker can sometime make the game for you. It is all on you how you can turn a clown into a master. When you get the Joker card, use it to make the next sequence, assuming that you have already secured a pure sequence. Then count your total points. Always use a Joker to substitute a card that has a higher point value. Let’s say you can use the joker to substitute a jack of hearts or a three of clubs, you ought to utilize the joker with jack of hearts.

It is astonishing how these little tips work for me. I hope that all these tricks can make a huge difference on your game in a good positive way.

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