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Rummy Passion’s Safety Net Allows You to Play Freely. See How!

Author Akshita Date 02 Jul 2020
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Rummy Passion’s Safety Net Allows You to Play Freely. See How!

The 13-Card Indian Rummy Game is loved and enjoyed by everyone throughout the country, and its availability on digital platforms has further lead to a significant increase in its popularity. Despite its many advantages over the traditional rummy game, one thing that concerns the game lovers is their security, especially while playing for cash. If you too are faced with such a predicament, then you have landed at just the right place. India’s Most Loved Rummy Site – Rummy Passion is renowned not only for the interactive and highly user-friendly rummy games along with alluring bonuses but is also famous for providing its players with the utmost level of security while enjoying the game online. Read on to find out how Rummy Passion’s safety net assures players of a highly entertaining and reliable online rummy experience.

Secure Digital Payments

The primary feature that players look for in a rummy site is the security level of online monetary transactions. Rummy Passion employs the latest technology for conducting all digital transactions that are totally safe, foolproof and secure. The highly advanced level of security allows rummy lovers to enjoy their favourite game in a safe environment. Only the most reliable payment gateways have been deployed at the site such as PayTM, Net Banking, authorised UPI payments and digital wallets. Transactions can also be safely convened through debit and credit cards which too are secured by standard payment gateways.

Fair and Responsible Gaming

Fair & secure gameplay is an integral feature at Rummy Passion, and the site has taken all necessary measures to ensure players do not feel any partiality while playing on their favourite tables. The first step that Rummy Passion has taken in this regard is employing a Random Number Generator (RNG) for unbiased distribution of cards. From card shuffling to distribution, selection of wild card Joker and even points calculation, everything is automated without the involvement of any human activity. It ensures that every player gets an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and win big.

The second major step that Rummy Passion has undertaken is ensuring a robust risk management team that intricately analyses each players’ profile and gameplay to ensure no malpractices such as collusion or chip-dumping are done at the site. Strict action is taken against all players found to be practising any fraudulent gaming activities.

The third step in this regard is confirming a players’ identity and ensuring only genuine players join the site. For this, a complete KYC procedure is put in place, wherein a player must share necessary identification proofs, bank details and personal details verification. This procedure is set in place to make sure that no bots can play at the site and deceive other genuine players, while also only those players join the cash rummy tables who are above 18 years.

Safeguarding Players’ Personal Information

Rummy Passion’s safety net doesn’t only include providing safe online transactions, but also includes safeguarding each players’ personal information too. For security purposes, each player must complete the KYC procedure, and keeping their documents safe is the site’s responsibility. That is why Rummy Passion is secured with EV SSL encryption the highest standard of security in any website. It ensures that all your data is safely encrypted, keeping it protected from all sorts of hacking, phishing, malware, virus or cyber-attacks. Rummy Passion provides the utmost level of security to all its players so that you can enjoy with a free mind.

Complete Transparency

One major factor that classifies the safety standard of any rummy site is the amount of information it reveals to players. Rummy Passion is a highly trustworthy site that ensures that all the rules, bonus terms & conditions, KYC updating process, complete deposit and withdrawal process is clearly defined on the site, as well as duly informed to any player seeking information. It also ensures that any new player joining the website can quickly learn the nitty-gritty of the online rummy game, and can contact our highly supportive customer services team for any sort of assistance.

Summing Up

Rummy Passion is known for keeping players’ interests at the top by not only offering a highly interactive and user-friendly gaming platform but also ensuring their utmost safety at all levels. Supreme Court of India has legalised the online rummy game, and Rummy Passion ensures that the highest standards of security are set in place so that every rummy lover can enjoy without having to worry about anything else. It is one of the main reasons why the site has been socially proclaimed as India’s Most Loved Rummy Site. At Rummy Passion, players only need to worry about their gaming skills and techniques; the site’s highly secure safety net takes care of the rest. So, if you love playing rummy, and look forward to playing online cash games, Rummy Passion is definitely the perfect choice. Join Now and avail 100% Welcome Bonus up to Rs. 2000 on your first deposit. Get to the vibrant tables and enjoy the thrill of playing online rummy without any worries.

Happy and Safe Gaming!

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