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Rummy Passion Congratulates the May 2020 Winners

Author AkshitaSood Date 02 Jun 2020
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Rummy Passion Congratulates the May 2020 Winners

The summers are finally here, bringing a big smile and cheerfulness in our lives. Apart from the season, there’s another thing that brings a big smile to a rummy lover’s face, and that is seeing their names in the winner’s list. You got that right! The list of May 2020 winners is out, and we heartily congratulate our passionate rummy buffs who made it to the top this month.

Those who couldn’t make it to the list of winners this time might be wondering what is the secret recipe to winning in rummy. So, here we bring you all the hidden treasures of a rummy winner’ experience. Keep note of these points, and who knows you might be the next rummy pro.

Table of Contents

A. Top Winners in Points Rummy

B. The Higher Tiers

C. Top Winners in Pool Rummy

D. Keeping Up with the Latest Updates

E. Top Winners in Deals Rummy

F. A Well-Planned Rummy Schedule

G. Top Winners of Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD

H. Exciting Promotions for June

We are sure you all must be excited to find out who all made it big in May. Without much ado, here’s a list of the glorious winners at Rummy Passion.

A. Top Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 scofield2110 10777
2 Minunayak90 9870
3 badguess 9758
4 amitdebnath9 9495
5 Sujatajanavi 9427
6 RatanMahale 9184
7 KVetrivish 9005
8 Nadvi1984 8750
9 Shivramt 8736
10 sahayajerin 8576

B. The Higher Tiers

Getting to the higher tiers, preferably the black tier, is a priority of every smart rummy player. Being a black or platinum tier player has many benefits, but most of all, it is the massive number of lucrative promotions and bonuses offered to players. A black tier player is entitled to big birthday bonuses, special promotions, and many other exclusive offers that they can utilize to increase their winning ratio.

C. Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Shaji1967 706
2 Krupesh1987 704
3 Subha800 692
5 665
6 Akash1213 655
7 maakan1989 631
8 Shakuni06 631
9 bhim1984 604
10 Samindre 600

I. Keeping Up with the Latest Updates

Whether it is the latest rummy tips and strategies or any updates on the rummy site you love playing at, you must make the most out of them. Many players have been generously using the Heart feature at Rummy Passion for saving time in scrolling, and instead, use it to play more games. While there are others, who chose games based on the number of players enjoying at a particular game table. Learn to make the most of what you’ve got to climb the mountain of success and reach the peak much faster.

D. Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Pavan138 2027
2 Chandra3101 1517
3 sharathra 1510
4 Nilesh1443 1465
5 njannu12 1412
6 Niranjan53 1368
8 Bharat80 1261
9 RKHANSA 1255
10 rebelking 1197

E. A Well-Planned Rummy Schedule

“Time is Money”, and a lot of it can be saved by planning and organizing yourself. A secret that top players often do not share is that they play according to a strict rummy schedule. It means they draft the days’/week’s plan in advance, list out the critical rummy tourneys and play accordingly. An organized player would have an optimistic approach, and a positive mindset is highly helpful in crafting winning game strategies.

F. Top Winners of Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD

Rank Prize Money 9th May Player Name
1 20,120.00 ShobaM
2 15,056.00 Anish1312
3 12,056.00 Yammy
4 8,056.00 vardhan205
5 5,126.00 Shubho956341
6 3,126.00 arijitpintu
7 1,250.00 Dilip
8 1,250.00 sathamma
9 1,250.00 Mari007
10 1,250.00 Gamblerda

G. Exciting Promotions for June

Rummy lovers must now be giddy with excitement for the June Calendar to plan out their rummy schedule and grab the big wins. But before we share that, you must remember to play responsibly and enjoy some leisure time with your friends and family too. Maybe they can give you tips to win big, or better yet, you can refer them to join the vibrant tables and together enjoy playing the online rummy game.

Platinum Leaderboard I 1st June – 3rd June 2020
Black Leaderboard I 8th June – 10th June 2020
Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD 13th June 2020
Gold Leaderboard 15th June – 17th June 2020
Black Leaderboard II 22nd June – 24th June 2020
Platinum Leaderboard II 26th June – 28th June 2020

Summing Up

We are sure your minds will be abuzz with plans for the next month, crafting strategies to grab the big wins in June. While you are at it, don’t forget to continue playing the cash games to increase your tier level in the Passion Rewards club and practice the latest rummy tricks and strategies. We once again applaud the passion and grit of our May 2020 winners and wish all players best wishes for the future. Happy Rummy Games!

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