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Points Rummy Cheat Sheet - All You Need to Know!

Author Akshita Date 28 Apr 2020
Published in Rummy Strategies
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Points Rummy Cheat Sheet - All You Need to Know!

Points rummy is the most played variant of 13-Card Indian Rummy Game and is usually preferred by players who are short on time. A single game can be completed in under 5 minutes while offering the same thrill and entertainment as any other Rummy Variant. But winning in points rummy might seem a bit tricky, especially to those who don't have much experience. You must be proactive, vigilant, and have a knack of adapting to circumstances while exercising your mathematical skills to win bigger in the Points Rummy Game. Here are some useful tricks to get you started:

Trick 1: Eliminating All Possibilities of Confusion

In Points Rummy, a player doesn't get additional deals to improve his/her overall score. You might want to give your best at the only chance you've got at winning, and for that, it's necessary to eliminate any scope of confusions. Before making your first move, carefully analyze the cards in your hand and determine the possibilities of forming sets/sequences. It's better to drop out this stage in case no possible melds can be formed rather than continuing to play and face a more significant loss. Another smart trick is arranging cards in alternate colours of black and red to avoid the chances of discarding any useful card.

Trick 2: Make Your Sequences Faster

Players often wait for the 'right' card to complete a sequence, often having to wait a bit too long. Don't do this! Instead, learn the trick to smartly discard your cards in a way to make melds quickly. For example, you've got a 6 and 8 of Hearts and are waiting for a 7 to complete your pure sequence, but instead draw up a 5 of Hearts. Keep the 5 of Hearts and discard the 8. It would give you two options to complete your melds, you can now either form the Pure Sequence with 4, 5, 6 or 5, 6, 7. You also might be able to trick the opponent into discarding the 7, thinking that you don't require it anymore.

Trick 3: Discarding the Right Cards

Normally, rummy players blindly discard the high-value cards without giving much thought to their use. But sometimes the face cards prove more useful than the low-value cards. Instead of focussing on your high-value cards, consider discarding the ones that do not help in forming any set or sequence. For example, if you hold a 3, Queen and Jack of clubs, and no other card belonging to the suit, then it's better to discard the 3 instead of the face cards. You can either combine a 10, King or Joker with the Queen and Jack to form a sequence quickly.

Trick 4: Patience Yields the Best Results

Even though Points Rummy is a fast-paced game, but that doesn't mean you play without thinking about your moves thoroughly. To win the game, you must observe your opponents' gameplay, memorize the discarded cards, and patiently plan a strategy for your own game. Confidence is good for the game, but when it turns into overconfidence, it can result in some dire consequences. It's better to plan your moves one step at a time, and not get overwhelmed when the game does not go as you initially planned.

Trick 5: You Must Have Backup

The Joker Card, if used intelligently, can make you win a game quickly. But if you've just got a single one, it's better to preserve it till the end. Make your pure sequence first, and only utilize the joker card when you've exhausted all other options of forming the melds. Keeping the joker as your trump card helps in two ways, on the one hand, you form the required pure sequence without getting distracted by the Joker. While on the other hand, if your opponent declares before you, you can combine the Joker with the highest value cards in your hand, to reduce the overall points.

Skills Combined with Presence of Mind Are A Must to Win

There's no point in learning the tricks when you don't know how to apply them at the right time. Playing and winning in Points Rummy requires skills, but the most useful skill is adaptability. As a player, you should learn to craft different strategies as the game progresses or changes course. It would not only help in getting bigger wins but also inventing some more tricks of your own. Are you excited to play the game? Join the vibrant Rummy Passion tables and win big. See you at the tables!

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