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IRL2020 Leaderboard I

Author RummyPassion Date 30 Mar 2020
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IRL2020 Leaderboard I

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Hey Rummy Connoisseurs! It’s time to clear the decks for some enthralling rummy action to befall during the cricket season. The first Indian professional Rummy League - IRL2020 Leaderboard I is set to contest from 6th to 8th April 2020. So, it’s time to celebrate the journey, just like you revel and show your love for cricket. Holding a colossal prize pool of up to Rs 2 Lakh, this league is your chance to clutch maximum bucks from the convenience of your place. Also, this gala event is going to witness a troop of players from across the country who will battle out hard to seize the crown of the league. So, charge up your rummy gadgets and compete hard to win cash in abundance. Let’s unfold some more details:

Offer Name IRL2020 Leaderboard I
Offer Dates 6th April to 8th April 2020
Prize Pool Rs 2,00,000
Challenge Pro-Rata Leaderboard
Point Value 1 Point on Every Rs 100 Win
Announcement 9th April 2020
Winners 125 Players
Updates Real Time

NOTE - The prize money will be automatically added to players' accounts after the Leaderboard promotion ends.

What’s the Format of the Game?

The format of the game is quite similar to the other Leaderboard promotions. That is, with a deposit of Rs 100 or more, you can jump onto the tables, win maximum games and takeaway a huge sum of cash.

How to Participate in the Rummy Frenzy?

  • If you are new to Rummy Passion, register via mobile app or desktop or if already a player, login to your app on your Smartphone, add cash, and start playing cash games to win plentiful cash.
  • This leaderboard promotion will be active for three days, so it’s your opportunity to seize maximum cash out of your efforts.
  • To steer ahead of your rivals and strengthen your position on the Leaderboard, play maximum cash games and on bigger tables. Also, make sure, you actively play on all days of the promotion to never miss a chance of grabbing sufficient cash.

What’s the Catch?

  • Play Energetically! What best you can do to obtain a strong position on the Leaderboard is to play on bigger tables for bigger winnings.
  • Two-folding the fun of rummy and cricket alone is not a good idea indeed. Refer A Friend and Claim Rs 10,000 Bonus.

A Note to All Players

  • Please note that the cashback you win by taking part in the IRL2020 Leaderboard I will be subject to a wagering requirement conferring to the criteria mentioned there. Check Rummy Passion’s Bonus Terms & Conditions.
  • To claim your share of the bonus, please make sure that you’ve completed your profile, including your KYC details.

Get in the Spirit of Rummy & Cricket with Rummy Passion

This one of a kind rummy league is about to infuse you all in the spirit of passion. So, why not take part in this phenomenal leaderboard promotion at Rummy Passion? Remember, your passion can get you the best shot to the task at hand. So, make sure you’re the first one to join the tables and outfox your rival players in all cash games, you play during the promotion days.

Passion Se Khel!

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