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Rummy Passion - One-Stop Solution to Your Data Security & Withdrawals!

Author Ruby Date 28 Feb 2020
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Rummy Passion - One-Stop Solution to Your Data Security & Withdrawals!

In today’s rapidly evolving world, where data demands smarter and more responsive security services, Rummy Passion is pushing itself hard to provide players with a security-rich gateway and unparalleled gaming services. It’s the growth trajectory that has made the creators assertive of adopting a regulatory framework so that transparency and integrity are maintained in the gaming ecosystem.

“As we have just stepped into another decade, we would want to ensure all our players to deliver the best of data security and instant withdrawal services.” - Bobby Garg.

True to Our Vision

In the last few years, the portal witnessed a paradigm shift in the number of players, leading to a tremendous surge and bringing more potential to grow further. We understand that acquiring a secured base will help us set a benchmark in the gaming niche, and this is why we’re taking these two aspects quite seriously.

A Firm Architecture Led to Setting the Benchmark in the Gaming Forte

True indeed! We initially focused on building a strong infrastructure that helped us set a standard in the gaming forte and outrival our challengers. It was teamwork that helped us cross all barriers and outdo the set goals. Under Rummy Passion’s Data security management services, players’ entire information is sent through a secured channel and is further stored in our database, which is encrypted to protect confidential data from any security breach. The security infrastructure that we provide to our players is the reason why we are acclaimed to be India’s Most Loved Rummy Site. Here’re some more holistic approaches we follow to take our website a way forward:

  • Secured SSL Encryption to Prevent Data Breaching

    The site is completely prepared to respond to the highly advanced online threats via SSL encryption. EV SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a gold standard that builds a link, which is encrypted amid a browser and a server and protects the data that passes between the two, thus protecting online transactions initiated on the site. Though it’s not easy to get EV SSL certification, the site went through all evaluations and documentation checks to opt EV SSL and to safeguard players’ interests.

  • Fastest Withdrawals is the Key to Convenience

    Players’ convenience has always been our utmost priority. In recent times, we had continually worked on players’ feedback and strived our best to stand by their promises and expectations. At present, we are the fastest when it comes to withdrawals. We make sure that all your winnings are credited to your bank account promptly. However, before passing out the winning amount in players’ account, the deployed risk management team verifies players’ data by establishing their identity through KYC and quickly checks if a player was not involved in any unfair gaming such as chip dumping, creating multiple accounts, collusions or abusing bonuses, etc. If all gets cleared, transactions are done in an encrypted format and through a secure tunnel to avoid the menace of fraud.

  • RNG to Facilitate Fair Gaming

    Rummy Passion is RNG (Random Number Generator) certified. Most of the time, players become sceptical of whether the cards received are fairly distributed or not. The certification ensures that when the cards are dealt with players, they are distributed by dint of intricate algorithm, which ensures card distribution to each player is done randomly. It’s the TRF (The Rummy Federation) that imposes the use of software like RNG to gaming portals. It’s a self-regulatory body consisting of rummy operators from countrywide who promote fair gaming and encourages operators to practice a certain set of standards to protect players’ interest.

Online Rummy - The Changing Landscape

Rummy Passion is one such online gaming portal that is fueled with novelties and other technological advancements. Data security and quick withdrawals are two such parts of the online rummy ecosystem that have drastically changed the gaming landscape. Other crucial elements are also involved in radically changing the ecology, including Self Exclusion, Self-Regulation, Multi-level Game Server Security, and demand for Genuine Players Portal and not BOTS, etc. The current regulatory landscape too demands such policies and procedures, and we’ve already achieved. For now, we’re focusing more on opportunities and gamut of challenges, as we believe that any industry is evolved by identifying challenges and implementing the current and future ideas. At last, we would like to thank you all for staying connected with us and being our prestigious player. Let’s take the journey forward and make 2020 the best of the rummy year.

Passion Se Khel!

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