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How Rummy Evolution Took Place from Offline to Online?

Author Akshita Date 19 Feb 2020
Published in Rummy Passion
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How Rummy Evolution Took Place from Offline to Online?

Rummy has been a part of the Indian culture since generations and is played with the same vigour and passion even today. Although initially played just for entertainment, the game is now considered an excellent source for developing essential skills. Its evolution from offline mediums to online platforms is one of the main reasons for the change in people’s perception. Just like any other game, when rummy was first launched online, people did not pay much heed to the game. But, with time word spread about the amazing features online, more players stepped forward to try out the game. As a result, Indian rummy has become one of the most grossing games in the online gaming industry.

Read on to find out how rummy evolved into the digital world and gained such high popularity among online gamers.

Transitioning into The Digital World

With technology slowly taking over routine tasks, even the entertainment industry took to the online space. This move gave birth to the online gaming industry, which gradually gained prominence amongst the masses. As a result, even the traditionally played card games, including rummy got introduced to digital platforms attracting the attention of game lovers. But at this stage, not many were aware of the online gaming world, and most people preferred playing their favourite rummy game in the traditional style, i.e. with real playing cards.

High Penetration of Smartphones & Easy Internet Access

The introduction of smartphones during the late nineties brought about a new revolution into the gaming world. Everybody had easy access to the internet, which facilitated users to have a pleasant online gaming experience. But even now, rummy was not among the popular games enjoyed online and were mostly restricted to social gatherings. It was not until the 2000’s when the first online rummy sites started gaining traction. Only a few gamers tried this new version of rummy, but those who did were completely attracted to this online version.

Onslaught of Online Rummy Sites

Slowly and steadily, as the game gained prominence online, many small and big rummy websites started flooding the internet. This gave rummy lovers the option to choose a website based on their game preferences. The high level of competition amongst rummy sites gave rise to new and improved features in the game, making online rummy even more popular than its offline version. These features involved a highly engaging user interface, ensuring player safety, and introduction of attractive bonuses and rewards. But even after all this effort, popularity of the game was only limited to rummy lovers or online gamers.

Preference Towards Skill-Based Games

The digital revolution brought about a significant change to our lifestyles. Today, the scenario is such that everyone wants to be one step ahead of the competition. It means that people are looking for new ways to boost skills, reduce stress, and manage their time well without having to invest in additional resources. Online rummy fits perfectly in this scenario. The game provided an ultimate source of entertainment along with an opportunity to boost skills. It also acted as the perfect stress-buster and became one of the top-rated online games.

To Sum Up

The 13-Card online rummy game today is highly popular among the masses and is a preferred source of not just entertainment, but also skill development. The evolution of rummy from offline to online was full of twists and turns, but since the Supreme court of India declared playing rummy legal, the game garnered high popularity and is now one of the top skill-based games that Indians love playing in their leisure time. It would not be wrong to say that the fame of online rummy has catapulted over the years, with the game setting new benchmarks in the online gaming sphere.

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