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Author Ruby Date 14 Feb 2020
Published in Rummy Passion
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Boasting around 1 Million registered player base across the country, Rummy Passion has set its feet firmly in the Indian online gaming industry. Despite several roadblocks on the way, the company was hell-bent on keeping the trust of millions of players intact. That was not it! Being defied by its competitors who had a capital beyond INR 100 million, a large team size, and a momentous stakeholders’ backup, Rummy Passion was up against all sorts of challenges. However, Mr Bobby Garg, the co-founder of Rummy Passion, identified the weak links and along with his team went beyond the limits to create an exceptionally customer-friendly interface, as a result of which, Rummy Passion is now socially acclaimed as India’s Most Loved Rummy Website.

Despite such recognition, the creators made sure that players received the desired gaming services. Recently, Rummy Passion conducted an online feedback campaign to know its players’ concerns so that necessary actions could be taken to upgrade the services. And guess what? The team assigned to resolve players’ concerns surpassed all challenges and brought some new features as well as upgraded the existing ones. Let’s have a glance at what’s the latest at Rummy Passion!

1. Enhanced Passion Rewards Section

  • Separate section for Passion Rewards Club to check Reward points, bonus status, and Leaderboard in real-time
  • Players can also now redeem their reward points in a single click
  • Glance month-wise or overall bonuses earned via filter option
  • Check real-time position on Leaderboard to compete accordingly

2. New Refer-a-Friend Bonus (RAF)

  • Upon inviting a friend, both referee and referrer will get Rs 2,500 each
  • Availability to invite friends through multiple platforms - WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Link, and Email
  • Convenience to resend the RAF invite to friends who haven’t joined the site yet
  • All RAF earnings can also be checked in the Passion Rewards Section

3. New Rs 6,000 Six Players’ Points Table

  • On-Demand addition of new VIP Points table
  • Rs 75 Point with Rs 6,000 Entry Fee is LIVE Now
  • This table is visible to players falling in the Gold Tier & above

4. Now Rematch Available in Pool & Deals

  • No compulsion to leave the table after the game is finished
  • Automatic rematch option popup will be displayed now
  • It’s now available on all Pool & Deals game

5. Now Reset Your Password by OTP

  • Besides the regular Email option, Reset password ability is now available on the phone as well
  • The registered number will receive OTP after which the password can be reset

Unlock the Power of Gaming with New Features

Rummy Passion, India’s most loved rummy website has evolved at an exponential rate. The makers, in the early years, worked on strengthening its roots, brand positioning, and new user-base. Now that the site has built the much-desired trust amongst the rummy players, the brand is set to rule the Indian online gaming market for long.

Though there’s still a lot to catch-up, for those seeking some advanced features, now is the time to experience it. We have been hearing your feedback from time to time and did everything that could prove beneficial for you. We continue to invite your comments via email or by calling our Player Support.

Passion Se Khel!

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