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Online Rummy Horoscope: What Planets have got for you in 2017

Author Prateek Date 18 Jan 2017
Published in Rummy Passion
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Online Rummy Horoscope: What Planets have got for you in 2017

Some of us take our astrological predictions seriously and others are just plain curious. But the one thing we all do as a habit is read our daily horoscope in the newspaper, magazine or online. Well here’s an interesting twist for those who are interested in knowing what their stars have to say about how they will fare at online rummy games in 2017.


Being courageous is what separates an Aries from the crowd. Progressing without fear and ready to battle it out with the strongest in the room is an amazing strength that people born under this sun sign display. They have an ability to see the bigger picture and are very good at guessing moves of their opponents.
Lucky Days Monday, Tuesday, Sunday.
What's Lucky for you? Try to participate in the Rummy Freeroll Tournaments as you have good chances of winning in them.


They are known for their determination and strong will. One of the finest card manipulators, Taurians are very good at strategic planning and implementation. Patience is a virtue and they are the masters of this art. They know when to show their cards and will patiently wait for the right opportunity.
Lucky Days Sunday, Friday, Saturday.
What's Lucky for you? You will get maximum mileage of your money. Claiming bonuses, especially on Sundays can work wonders for you.


People born under this sign are extremely smart and fast. Their never say die attitude and ability to bounce back from any situation makes them remarkable online rummy players. They are very good at keeping friendships which help them out in difficult situations.
Lucky Days Friday, Monday, Tuesday.
What's Lucky for you? You can win a great sum of money by referring your friends to play online rummy. Just don’t keep all the fun for yourself.


Cancerians hate losses, they are not meant for it. They are extremely rational and logical minded people, who can read others mind quite comfortably. They truly enjoy online rummy and are quite good at it. They never seem to stop moving and building up.
Lucky Days Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday.
What's Lucky for you? Read informative blogs and expert advice, you will gain a lot and it will increase your winning rate tremendously.


The lion is the King of the Jungle endowed with vigor and energy. Determined and sincere, no matter how hard the road gets, they will never ever feel down. Always improving and learning new things about the play makes them good players.
Lucky Days Monday, Friday, Saturday.
What's Lucky for you? Your planets and stars are indicating a bumper win for you in the first half of this year. Get ready for it!


They are intelligent as their ruling planet is Mercury. Practical and great observers; with these qualities they are not easy to beat at the tables. A Virgo can make everything that was broken, complex or spoiled. Having the shades of an introvert, they can be extremely difficult to read.
Lucky Days Monday, Friday, Saturday.
What's Lucky for you? Pick games that have higher cash win. Try your hands on high stake tables. You can win big.


They are the best while handling problems in the most appropriate manner. This year is definitely looking good as far as cards are concerned. With a miraculous approach and a sharp mind they can turn a game around very quickly. If you are born under this sign, learn the art of deciding if a drop is a better option for you.
Lucky Days Monday, Wednesday, Sunday.
What's Lucky for you? Read strategy blogs and practice free rummy games as it will help you to convert your weak points into strength.


The most innocent people belong to this zodiac sign. Being sensitive and persevering are their greatest strengths and once they are after something, they won't give up until they get it. They prepare their strategy well and will always have a plan"B".
Lucky Days Friday, Saturday, Monday.
What's Lucky for you? Everything is looking good and nice for you. 2017 is a scorpion year. What ever you want, you’ll get it.


Sagittarius is an amazingly happy sign in any circumstances. This makes them mentally tough and insanely focused. We can all learn how to be optimistic, sincere, and independent from them, accepting changes can bring out the best from them.
Lucky Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
What's Lucky for you? Try your hands on multiple variations like Points, Pool and Deals Rummy. Just don’t stick to any single one. Also, play on low to medium stake games this year.


You will never know what a Capricorn is really thinking. Their emotional involvement and discipline are of extremely high degree. Drafting the plan and improvising it at the perfect time is an art, often seen in them. With their perseverance and smart work, there's hardly anything that seems out of their reach.
Lucky Days Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
What's Lucky for you? Your strategies and plans will surely lock the win for you. Be confident and you'll taste victory. Playing during the middle part of the year will get you the most wins.


They are creative and highly imaginative and that can help them in taking better decisions. Never underestimate the intelligence of a Pisces; they can make you look dumb. They'll surprise you with their attentiveness, so be aware of them!
Lucky Days Friday, Saturday.
What's Lucky for you? Patience yields immediate results, your experience will play a crucial part in your success. Don’t keep waiting for better opportunities or they may never come.


Energetic, honest and brilliant with calculations are some of the characters of people born under this sign. They'll always bring a factor of uniqueness and excitement to the table. They can play each hand with a different strategy, which gives them an extra edge.
Lucky Days Wedenday, Thursday, Friday.
What's Lucky for you? 2017 is going to be a year to remember. All your hard work and practice will surely pay off, especially towards the end of the year.


If you are looking for the right opportunity to win cash prizes playing rummy on the web, this year is going to be a good one. We hope you had a nice time going through our blog. Have a good and prosperous 2017.

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