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5 Must-Have Features in Your Rummy Mobile App

Author Akshita Date 16 Jan 2020
Published in Rummy Passion
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5 Must-Have Features in Your Rummy Mobile App

Online rummy has become quite a popular source of entertainment and skill-development these days. Availability of the game in an application form has dramatically contributed to the popularity of online rummy. Just as there has been a record increase in the number of online rummy sites, the number of apps has increased too. But not all of these are reliable. To identify a good rummy app that caters to players’ every need, here we have listed five essential features that you must take note of. These will help you identify a genuine rummy app so that you have pleasant gaming experience.

User-Friendly Interface

What’s the use of downloading and playing on an app if it doesn’t work properly? User-friendly interface is, therefore, a must for an application to be rated well. It means that the app should be mobile responsive and easily accessible on any device. It also must be attractive and highly engaging for the players. The app should function efficiently and smoothly, providing easy navigation from one feature of the app to another. It has been found that most applications are either overcrowded or lack essential elements. But you will never experience such difficulties when you download the Rummy Passion App. The highly responsive app interface has been applauded not only by registered players but by newbies as well. Navigating through the app is like a cakewalk even to new users who can effortlessly learn and play their favourite card game.

Quick to Download

Another feature to look for is the ease of download. Users prefer to use apps that they can quickly download on any network, do not consume much space or data, and allow for smooth gameplay. And all this, without compromising on the graphics. Typically, gaming apps are heavy because of the multiple features these accommodate, and are only good at sucking up data and space without providing the much-needed satisfaction. But, if you are a registered player at Rummy Passion, you will face none of the above issues. Not only is the app light making it quick to download, but it also requires a bare minimum of your data. So, even when you are left with that last 10% limit of your data pack by day-end, you can still enjoy your favourite game for hours on end. The best part is that the app is supported on almost every device and connection, including a 2G connection. It allows you to enjoy playing even when your network is giving you a reduced bandwidth.

Disturbance Free

Unexpected advertisements and banners are a nuisance, especially when you are playing an exciting round and they pop-up in between. Your annoyance and frustration knows no bounds then, and you might be motivated to uninstall the app. An advertisement-free app is a heaven for gamers, especially those who prefer playing skill-based games such as online rummy. Such apps mostly come at a price, and you must be a premium subscriber to get rid of annoying ads. There’s some good news for players who would love to play on a distraction-free application, without having to bear any premium costs. The Rummy Passion app is free to download and register on, and users can enjoy playing their beloved 13-card game without getting distracted at all. No unnecessary suggestions/notifications, no banners, and absolutely no banner ads. Sounds amazing! Doesn’t it?

Multiple Game Variants

Availability of numerous variants of the same game is what sets the best apps apart from others. Similar to an online rummy website, the app also must give users a choice to easily select and play their favourite game type. Rummy lovers like to switch between Points, Deals and Pool rummy from time to time, and usually choose to play on an app that provides easy navigation between different games. The Rummy Passion Application ranks at the top when it comes to conveniently switching between the different rummy games. Players can effortlessly pick a preferred game variant when playing either practice games, cash games or rummy tourneys.

Real-Time Updates

In the gaming industry, regular updates and introduction of new features are what keep gamers glued to a particular app. Likewise, your rummy mobile app also must be equipped to update in real-time, in synchronisation with any updates on the website. This means that any promotions or new features introduced on the website can be instantly accessed through the app too. While using the Rummy Passion app, you’ll find that you’ll be regularly notified of the latest promotions and offers, even when you are not playing the game. This feature allows one to easily register for an upcoming promotion, without missing the important ones.

To Summarise

Registering on the right app is a crucial step to be able to have a pleasant gaming experience. The features mentioned above are a must in any online rummy app for a contended user, and Rummy Passion provides each of these along with many others such as simple processes for deposit and withdrawals, complete security to users, and multilingual customer support. The Rummy Passion app has been designed with due care to cater to players belonging to diverse categories. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Rummy Passion app now, and start playing your favourite rummy variant to win some exciting rewards.

Happy Gaming!

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