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How Picking Unwanted Cards Can Become A Game Changer?

Author Akshita Date 20 Dec 2019
Published in Rummy Strategies
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How Picking Unwanted Cards Can Become A Game Changer?

Rummy is all about employing appropriate skills and strategies at the right opportunity. Most rummy players follow a specific set of principles in the game. But smart players know how to shape the commonly available tricks into winning strategies. They can effortlessly turn the game in their favour at the blink of an eye. A high level of alertness and great observation power are required traits to be a pro rummy player. And picking unwanted cards to transform the game is a strategy they most commonly apply. Would you like to learn this Fantastic Rummy Strategy too? Keep reading to know how picking unwanted cards in rummy can be the perfect game-changer for you.

What are Unwanted Cards?

Unwanted cards are those that players usually discard because they do not hold much value in the game. These include the discarded cards by players, along with the face cards, and extremely low-value cards that are often avoided in the game unless they are required. A wise person has appropriately said that don’t follow the sheep if you want to get success in life. The same principle applies to rummy too. If you desire to win a game even against smart players, you must be able to devise new strategies, such as making the best use of cards abandoned by fellow players. Here are some tricks you can utilise to make unwanted cards an asset for you in the game.

Trick 1: Reverse Analogy

Most players start by discarding their high-value cards first. You can try to switch things up a bit by doing the exact opposite of your opponents for an initial couple of moves. Instead of dropping the high-value cards right away, you must wait till the 2 to 3 turns to discard them. Here, you’ll be able to kill two birds with a single stone. On one hand, by not discarding the high-value cards initially, you can assert your opponent’s starting hand. While at the same time, you can use their discarded cards to form valid melds for yourself. On the other hand, not discarding high-value cards initially confuses your opponent, making him/her believe that you are sure about your game. It leads them to make hasty decisions, thus making a win easier for you.

Trick 2: Predict Your Opponent's Moves

Before you decide to play and strategize with unwanted cards, you must know how to read and predict your opponents’ moves. You must be extremely vigilant and assertive while playing the game, especially when the rival player is equally competitive. Only when you know that you can easily judge your opponent’s game well, should you start tricking your opponent by picking up the unwanted cards. Picking more of discards can prove to be a game-changer for sure, especially when your opponent underestimates your skills and in overconfidence makes a wrong move.

Trick 3: Trick with Low-Value Cards

This trick is a bit difficult to execute successfully and involves playing confusing moves. You need to learn how to engage strategically with the extremely low-value cards. Picking cards from the open deck that mostly are of low-value as 2’s, 3’s, 4’s is an excellent trick if you know how to execute it successfully. When you do the opposite of what your opponents expect of you, it gets to their head, and there’s a high chance of them making a miscalculated move. You must be a good bluff-master if you want to master this trick because when you play with only the low-value cards in your hand, there’s a high chance that you might not get the desired cards on time. In this case, you can use the technique of baiting to lure your opponent into dropping a card that you desire.


Picking unwanted cards can make your opponent believe that you already have the entire game planned in front of you, and you might win sooner. It also makes them underestimate your rummy skills, which provides a fair advantage for you in the game. Before you employ any new trick on the cash tables, it is always advisable to rehearse and master the skill on practice tables first. And once you’ve mastered the art of playing with unwanted cards, there’s no stopping you from winning even when a bad hand is dealt to you. Don’t just read this post, start practising right away on the tables and take one step ahead to be the next rummy champion!

Happy Gaming!

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