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Online Rummy - 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Author Prateek Date 04 Jul 2016
Published in Rummy Strategies
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Online Rummy - 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Online Rummy can be lots of fun. It’s a great way to de-stress and be rewarded after a tiring day. As a player you can enjoy a more colorful and interactive experience with mobile rummy. You will always find like minded players just like yourself online who derive pleasure from the game.

Both Rummy and online Rummy require a high level of concentration; a slight lapse in focus might spoil the cake for you. So here are top 5 mistakes you should avoid to ensure that your game play a lot more effective.

  • Over Confidence

    Over ConfidenceThe key to the throne stays in confidence, but underestimating fellow players can sometimes sink the ship for you. So before you call it your game, be absolutely sure about it. This is the most common mistake committed by players.

  • Being Extra Social

    Being Extra SocialThe live chat option is certainly a fine innovation in Indian online Rummy, but sometimes this feature might be a big distraction. Being extra social can help others guess your game plan and strategy which can work against you.

  • No Patience

    Patience is the mantra for Rummy players. Rash decisions cause damage. We advise you not to lose your game due to any sudden decision.

  • Going Easy on Opponents

    Online Rummy is a game of hardcore skill and within a few moves; you can anticipate your opponent’s strategy. Going easy on your opponent is not a very smart approach.

  • Misusing the Jokers

    A joker can sometime become the hero of your game. Most of the players don’t explore this option and later realize its importance, so it’s always good to plan your hand with a joker.

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