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Tips and Tricks to Win Online Rummy Games

Author Priya Date 12 Jan 2017
Published in Rummy Strategies
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Tips and Tricks to Win Online Rummy Games
Tips Tricks
Form a Pure Sequence First Fool other Players
Minimise your Points Hold your Opponents Cards
Jokers are your Best Friends Play Multiple Hands at the Same Table

Tips for Winning Online Rummy

Winners in rummy games don’t have exceptional qualities to begin with. Over a period of time, they develop a smart way of playing by testing strategies. Here are some winning rummy tips and tricks for you which can put you in the league of expert players.

Form a Pure Sequence First

As soon as the dealer has dealt you cards, you should quickly arrange them. Basic sorting can be easily done by using the “Sort” feature. When you click on the Sort button, your cards will be arranged in order and by colour. You should quickly see if you already have a pure sequence. If you don’t, then your first priority should be to form a Pure Sequence. Examples of 3 card pure sequences are A K Q or 2 3 4.

Minimise your Points

Winning rummy games is all about reducing your risk. Discard your high point cards like photo cards quickly. When you sort your cards, you will immediately know which ones will be difficult to meld. You should throw these cards first. Reduce your total points in hand by throwing irrelevant high cards to the discard pile. Rummy rules state that all photo or face cards including A, K, Q and J of every suit carry 10 points. 10 also carries ten points and so you should put it in the category of high cards.

The Joker is your Best Friend

Based on rummy rules, a joker card can be used to meld impure sequences or sets. The total number of joker cards in a game will depend on the number of decks. If there is one deck there will be 4 wildcard jokers plus one picture joker for a total of 5 jokers. As one of the joker cards is under the deck, it is not available to the players. If you are holding a joker, you should use it to make an impure sequence immediately. Be careful never to discard your jokers as they can prove to be your best friends in the card game of rummy. If by accident you discard a joker card, your opponents cannot pick it up. It is easy to spot a photo joker card as it is visually quite different from all other cards but you should be careful with the wildcard joker cards as they will change from one deal to another.

Tricks for Winning Online Rummy

Familiarity with tips is important but knowing the tricks is critical for a good player. Winning games with Knowledge of Rummy tips and tricks will make you undefeatable at the table. Read on to know the secrets of experts and how you can use these to improve your play.

Fool other Players

Be very observant when you play. The game depends on how well you can predict your opponents next move. This is not difficult to do. All it will take is keen observation on your part. When another player picks up a card from the closed deck, you know immediately that the top card on the discard pile is of no use to him or her. Now you should see what card he or she throws. If it is a face card, you can guess that they are trying to reduce their high point card. If it is a low point card you can deduct that they probably don’t have high cards. Many players know this tip and so the trick is that you should discard a low card. Your opponents will believe that you have an excellent hand and will drop out of the game!

Hold your Opponents Cards

Keenly observe other players at your rummy table. You will get a fair idea of which cards they require to declare the game. If you have the same cards that they require – hold them, even if they are face cards. Hold them till you are ready to declare. Your opponent will lose precious time at the table because if they don’t get the required card after a few hands, they will start to discard cards from that unmelded sequence. Their time lost is your time gained!

Play Multiple Hands at the Same Table

You will not be able to decipher your opponents playing technique by playing only one game with them. A players pattern of playing and their level of skill cannot be determined in a single game. Ideally, play 101 or 201 Pools Rummy with the same opponents so you understand how they think. You can predict their moves after some time. This is when you can use your own tricks to win at rummy games from them.

Online Rummy can help you win many prizes including cash rewards. It is a game of skill and you should know the rules very well. Practice free games to become familiar with the software at your most loved rummy website and then play. You will find entertainment, excitement and money when you observe these rummy tips and tricks.

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