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How is 101 Different from 201 Pool Rummy and Which One Should You Choose?

Author Ruby Date 25 Oct 2019
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How is 101 Different from 201 Pool Rummy and Which One Should You Choose?

Of all the exciting variants of the 13-card game, Pool Rummy is a doted-on variation. What makes this game so prevalent amid rummy lovers? Available in two formats - 101 and 201, this multi-deal variant of the rummy game is played on 2 and 6 players table with a minimum of 2 players and to an extreme of 6 players. If you want to put your best hand in this game, you have to push your challenger/s hard to cross 101 or 201 points contingent to which variant you are playing. To put forward the definition of Pool Rummy, it’s just an extended version of Points Rummy. Not to mention, it’s not a single game that you have to win, but a series of games until your rival player/s crosses the mark.

In comparison to Points Rummy, Pool Rummy gives you a much thrilling experience, and its fun gets increased many folds. So, before we switch to the explanation of how 101 and 201 variants of Pool Rummy are different and which one you should go for, let’s have an insight of how Pool Rummy formats - 101 and 201 are played. Here you go:

How to Play 101 Pool Rummy at Rummy Passion?

The format of 101 Pool Rummy is very simple as that of the other variants of rummy, i.e., to form valid sequence/s and/or set/s earlier than your opponent/s. In this format of Pool Rummy too, the cards are distributed to players and consist of 4 suits, i.e., Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, other cards - Ace, Jack, Queen, and King and one printed Joker Card. The essence of 101 Pool Rummy is that the game will last until all players except one cross the required points. As soon as any of the players, seating on the table reaches 101, he/she will have to leave the table. A player who withstands back with least points at the table, till the end of the game is declared as a winner.

Points to Ponder in 101 Pool Rummy

  • A player can opt for Drop option, and the penalty they have to pay is: First Drop - 20 Points, Middle Drop - 40 Points, and Wrong declaration - 80 Points.
  • To declare a valid show, one has to form at least one pure sequence (without a Joker Card) other than any impure sequence/s and/or set/s.

How to Play 201 Pools Rummy at Rummy Passion?

In 201 Pool Rummy, players have to push opponent players beyond 201 points and maintain their score below 201 to get a winning streak. Just like 101 Pool Rummy, 201 Pool Rummy is also played with all cards varying from 4 suits, i.e., Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, other cards - Ace, King, Queen, Jack and one printed Joker Card. Also, the number of decks will depend on which table a player is seated. The game will continue to proceed until all players reach 201 points, except the one who maintains the least point.

Points to Ponder in 201 Pool Rummy

  • A scorer who has obtained the minimal points in the game will be the winner.
  • Any player can opt for a drop option. However, they will have to pay a penalty of 20 Points on making the First Drop, 40 Points on making a Middle Drop, and 80 Points on making a wrong declaration.
  • To make a successful declaration, it’s important to form at least one pure sequence (without a Joker Card) other than impure sequence/s and/or set/s.

How Different is 201 from 101 Pool Rummy?

Well, there are no major differences in the two formats of Pool Rummy, except from the one that in 101 Pool Rummy, players/s get knocked out of the game as soon as they reach 101 points. In case of 201 Pool Rummy, player/s who reach 201 points get knocked out of the game.

Which One Should You Play - 101 Pool Rummy or 201 Pool Rummy?

If you are looking for an extended dose of refreshment, 201 Pool Rummy is your perfect pick. This format of the game promises to give you long-lasting fun. On the other side, if you are looking for some on the go fun, 101 Pool Rummy will give you utter refreshment in less time.

In a Nutshell

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Happy Rummy Games!

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