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A Huge Shout-Out to 2019 Winners at Rummy Passion

Author Akshita Date 03 Oct 2019
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A Huge Shout-Out to 2019 Winners at Rummy Passion

“Practice Like You’ve Never Won, Play Like You’ve Never Lost.” - Anonymous

The month of September yet again bought some beautiful memories and quite a handful of players emerged as winners in various Leaderboards and Tournaments. It was a month full of many new challenges and opportunities for our rummy players.

A round of applause to our ardent winners who presented a display of the best skills and powerful strategies required for the game. Your perseverance, efficiency and a deep fetish for winning have indeed paid off. We congratulate all those who have proved their mettle in rummy at Rummy Passion.

For those of you who could not grab a big win this time, do not lose hope. You’ll get many more opportunities in October to prove your skills in the game. You just need to practice enough, and set out with new determination to be in the top ranks during October.

Let us all recognize and appreciate the skills and strategies exhibited by our winners.

Table of Content

A. Major Promotions That Took Place in September

B. Top Winners in Points Rummy

C. Top Winners in Pool Rummy

D. Top Winners in Deals Rummy

E. Top Winners of Mega Jackpot 1 lakh GTD

F. October’s Got A Lot Coming Your Way

A. Major Promotions That Took Place in September

Being declared a winner for the entire month is indeed a big achievement. And those who made it to the charts this time definitely put their best foot forward at the rummy tables. For those of you who could not make it this time, you might be wondering what is it that you missed. So, here we are with a list of all promotions during the month of September that enthusiastic rummy players enjoyed at Rummy Passion.

Sacred Games Leaderboard 6th September - 8th September 2019
Super Saver Leaderboard 19th September - 21st September 2019
Festive Leaderboard 26th September - 28th September 2019
Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD Tournament 14th September 2019

B. Top Winners in Points Rummy

Each point lost/gained in Points Rummy has a pre-decided rupee value. And this is where you need the right skills to make the best moves. In Points Rummy, one needs to be vigilant enough to keep their points as low as possible, so as not to suffer much loss. The below-mentioned winners definitely need an applaud for an amazing win on the Points Rummy tables:

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Suni53 9035
2 baba7779 8642
3 gsatyavani26 7556
4 Johntella 7418
5 Alpesh8586 7417
6 babulakshmi 7091
7 Nickcool29 7025
8 Pranson 6654
9 goutam1 6624
10 shailesh3100 6466

C. Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is a very competitive game. The additional benefit of the rebuy/rejoin option has often turned the tables in favour of most players. Of course, you need a certain level of skill and expertise to turn a losing game into a perfect win. Below is the list of players who exhibited their utmost skills at pool rummy and made it big this month:

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 king007143 853
2 Vishwas28 731
3 sai9147 685
4 Pv.ramanared 671
5 shibum2m 618
6 Ramkin 591
7 Sreenu14 591
8 Naresh4447 568
10 Rashram2020 519

D. Top Winners in Deals Rummy

The major advantage of Deals Rummy over both of its counterparts is that here the player’s focus is on their chips, and not the points. Since more than 1 deal is played in a game of Deals Rummy, hence the players have to keep up their enthusiasm till the very end. Though, even one deal gone wrong can cost you a lot on the table, yet there’s always a chance steer the game in your favour. Below is the list of top ten players who’ve proved that they are indeed the masters of Deals Rummy.

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Sandeep5050 1466
2 Johntella 1129
3 Bijay88 1111
5 luvomania_20 1045
6 sureshnadora 1043
7 Prabu5321M 1023
8 Anilusha 1022
9 Khajaraziya 1018
10 Dada1861 888

E. Top Winners of Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD

One of the most enthralling editions of rummy tournaments at Rummy Passion, the Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD witnessed quite a surge of online rummy players. Some demonstrated exquisite skills in the game, while there were others who got a good learning experience from the Tournament. Here are the names who made it to the top in the Tourney:

Rank Prize Money 14th Sep Player Name
1 22285.92 Ajayshiva80
2 17223 sant7399
3 14223 lumumban
4 10223 Satya5412
5 1875 Sashsu
6 1875 Somu84
7 1875 venkateshs23
8 1875 Sandym
9 1500 Shivalinga
10 1500 krishna116

F. October’s Got A Lot Coming Your Way

While you plan for the various festivals in October, also make space for some of the best offers and promotions Rummy Passion has to offer. Ignite your passion, and prepare yourself for a month full of challenges, opportunities, celebrations and of course, loads of fun at Rummy Passion. Brace yourselves and get ready for a load of Tourneys, mind-blowing promotions, and incredible offers during the festive month of August. Don’t forget to Join the Rummy Passion tables on the below dates to win big rewards.

Festive Leaderboard 13rd October - 5th October 2019
Festive Leaderboard II 17th October - 19th October 2019
Diwali Dhamaka Leaderboard 25th October - 28th October 2019
Diwali Dhamaka Bonus 23rd October - 29th October 2019

The Final Word

Remember those days when you got an ‘A’ on an assignment you really worked hard for? It’s time to relive those memories again by participating and giving your best shot during the various promotions at Rummy Passion. We suggest you to practice a lot, and get on to the Rummy Passion’s rummy tables to win big during various promotions, and get your names in the October’s winners list.

Till then we wish all players Good Luck and Best Wishes for numerous festivals falling in October.

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