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Self Regulation & Fair Gaming Go Hand in Hand

Author Mohina Date 26 Jul 2019
Published in Rummy Passion
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Self Regulation & Fair Gaming Go Hand in Hand

The most renowned are the brands that go for stringent quality checks for their own products. The same idea holds for online rummy portals too. Credible rummy websites such as strive for world-class rummy gaming, and opt for self-regulation to accomplish the goal. The site believes that it holds responsibility towards its players.


Given that online gaming is taking big leaps of success, it becomes necessary for rummy operators to stick to certain principles - to ensure sustainable gaming. It is possible only if players get access to fair gaming. Also true is that only if a brand constantly evolves and reinvents itself, will it be able to stand up to the expectations of its users, and tests of time.

For Par-Excellence Services

RummyPassion is committed to offering its players a gaming experience beyond their expectations. In order to achieve the objective, the site has always been proactive in adopting the latest state-of-the-art self-regulatory practices.

In the Backdrop

The portal works on the principles of -

  • 1.

    Integrity and Honesty

  • 2.

    Love What We Do

  • 3.

    We are Always Learning

Despite being relatively new in the field, Rummy Passion introduced self-regulation right in the beginning. To exemplify - It never allowed players below the age of 18 as also those hailing from the states where the status of the game is dubious. The gaming software in use is tested and certified by a leading international testing agency. It kept incorporating various other measures that advancements in technology brought about. As TORF emerged on the scene with an intent of self-regulation in the sector, the portal joined hands with the body to further the cause.


A non-profit self-regulatory organisation of rummy operators in India, The Rummy Federation, was established with an aim to make the rummy gaming industry credible and transparent. It aspires to set up high standards in software integrity, responsible gaming, and marketing.

Fair Gaming - An Outcome of Self-Regulation

To ensure that the online rummy game is reliable enough for players, TORF prescribes particular measures to facilitate fair gaming on member rummy portals. Here, we present some of them:

  • RNGs - To make sure that the card distribution to players is absolutely arbitrary and unpredictable, TORF necessitates the use of software tools called Random Number Generators.

  • Accreditation - The RNGs used by rummy sites must be tested by acclaimed gaming software testing agencies such as iTech labs, Australia.

  • Audits - Member rummy portals have to undergo periodic checks to establish that they are complying with the guidelines of TORF.

  • Fraudulent Players - Sophisticated security tools must be deployed by gaming companies to keep fake players away, and prevent cheating. E.g., Implementation of KYC process restricts player entry to allow only genuine players.

  • Responsible Attitude - Operators have to adopt practices to prevent players from accumulating credit for playing games. They must analyse the spending habits of players to check them from spending more than what their pocket allows. Moreover, they must bar players aged under 18.

Which Sites Opt for Self-Regulation?

It is evident that only those gaming enterprises that have player-interest in mind and aspire to provide them with a safe and fair gaming platform would go for self-regulation, a vital aspect of which is joining TORF. Why is it so? It is because TORF is all about self-regulation and ethical gaming. Rummy Passion, for one, has always been a crusader of responsible gaming, and believes that it can be accomplished by adopting self-regulation. If a site opts for self-regulation, fair gaming will follow suit.

“Self-Regulation is All About Fair Gaming. Enjoy Fair and Responsible Gaming at”

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