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How Time Plays an Important Role in Rummy Games

Author Mohina Date 21 Jun 2019
Published in Rummy Strategies
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How Time Plays an Important Role in Rummy Games

Time is precious. Time is money. Time and tide wait for none. Those who don’t value time, nobody values them. There are umpteen quotes on time that highlight its significance. Time has been critical since time immemorial. Every task in life needs careful time management, i.e., if one wants to be successful.

Time is the Umpire

It’s quite obvious that when we perform any important work, time is of utmost importance. However, in several games too, time is a decisive factor. It plays a vital role in the game of rummy as well, especially online rummy.

At a Snail’s Pace

The game played with real cards has quite a different aura. It is played mainly as a leisure time pursuit by members of the same community for some mind-storming amusement as also to boost social harmony. It is also intended to be a time killer. As such, everyone takes their own time making their moves in a cheerful atmosphere.

Time is an Expensive Commodity but Relaxation is Essential

In the modern world, most of us run short of time. Add to it the rising stress levels. That makes recreation necessary. To serve the purpose well, rummy online follows strict time limits. The reason? It is to ensure that the masses can relish the game at their own convenience - whenever and wherever they want or need a bout of energising entertainment.

A Significant Feature

You can enjoy a game of web rummy in a few minutes, to shed the stress and boredom engulfing you. To make that possible, things are time-bound in online rummy. Let us see how.

  • 1.

    How to Play - The first and foremost is the time you get to make your moves. It is within a few seconds that you have to plan and carry out your action

    Time Skill - Quick decision-making ability along with patience

  • 2.

    Take a Seat - For joining a table, you should be proactive - quickly analyse which table would be the best for you, and join it before it gets full with players.

    Time Skill - Alert, quick, and energetic

  • 3.

    Reserve a Seat - To be a part of rummy tournaments, you need to book a seat well in advance, lest you should be left out. Secondly, you must keep that time-slot free in order to be able to take part in the contest without any distraction.

    Time Skill - Punctuality and management

  • 4.

    Grabbing Offers - There are regular daily, weekly, and monthly promotions at To make the most of these account enriching schemes, you should check time and again what all promotions are going on at the site.

    Time Skill - Stay updated

  • 5.

    Welcome Package - Rummy Passion offers a fantastic Welcome Package of up to Rs 10,000 - in the first week of joining. You get a Welcome Bonus of Rs 2,000 on your first deposit. Next, you get a Top Up Bonus of Rs 3,000 on your second deposit. Lastly, there is a Rs 5,000 Sunday Passion Bonus for you when you make a deposit on Sunday. How do you claim it? By taking care that you have only a week to grab the Welcome Package, and accordingly, scheduling your gameplay and purchases.

    Time Skill - Scheduling needs effective time management

Value Time and Be a Rummy Winner

Time is a conclusive factor when you play rummy games online. Each and every turn can make or mar the game. Apart from racking your brains hard, you should develop the above-mentioned time-traits to make your foray into the rummy world exciting and rewarding!

“It is Not Enough to Play, You Must Act on Time.”

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