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Is There Any Certification to Look for in a Rummy Website?

Author Mohina Date 13 Jun 2019
Published in Rummy Passion
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Is There Any Certification to Look for in a Rummy Website?

Nobody would want to join a rummy website that could compromise with their personal details or manipulate games at its end. When we are trusting somebody with our sensitive information, we would want to be very particular. Would like to know if there are any certifications that add credibility to a rummy site’s reputation?

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    RNG Certification

    The first and foremost certification is that of RNG or Random Number Generator. If a site holds a valid RNG certification granted by a world-acclaimed gaming software testing agency such as iTech Labs, it is a proof enough of the reliability of the site. You can rest assured that you have landed at a worthy rummy website that practises fair gaming, and there is no scope whatsoever of fraud and cheating.

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    EV SSL Encryption

    Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer, also known as EV SSL, is the industry gold standard security technology to set up an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. It safeguards the data passed between the web server and browsers to keep it private and integral. Trustworthy websites use the advanced technology to protect their online transactions with their customers. To activate EV SSL, a site has to answer a questionnaire regarding the identity of the website as also the company.

That was mainly about certifications. Apart from the above-mentioned essentials, there are certain other aspects that enhance the credibility of a rummy portal. What are these embellishments?

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    Responsible Gaming: The site should not allow players aged under 18. Also, it should have facilities to allow self-exclusion to players when they want and for the specific period they desire, as also allow them to set their spending limits, to name a few.

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    TRF Membership: The Rummy Federation is a self-regulatory organisation of rummy operators in India, that ensures healthy and ethical gaming practices in the country. To get the elite accreditation, a rummy site must fulfil certain criteria that validate its claim to being an authentic rummy portal.

  • c)

    AIGF Membership:All India Gaming Federation grants membership to an online skill gaming platform if it adheres to the prescribed benchmarks that take care of players’ interest to ensure sustainable gaming in the nation.

The Essence

Online Rummy Games have been catching the fancy of the young and the old alike. As long as we relish the free rummy games, we need not worry too much about anything. But it is the best time to try and test different rummy portals. It is because when we decide to make a switch to cash rummy games, we prefer to be careful regarding sharing our credentials. And why not? It is something that does deserve and demand caution.

Rummy Passion, for one, boasts all the hallmarks discussed in the blog, and proudly displays the seals of its certifications and memberships, on its homepage itself. Have a look, and continue enjoying your favourite rummy games at India’s most loved rummy site!

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