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The Untold Secret to Mastering RUMMY in Just 3 Days

Author Mohina Date 26 Apr 2019
Published in Rummy Strategies
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The Untold Secret to Mastering RUMMY in Just 3 Days

Learning to play a game in 3 days, sounds realistic. But mastering a game in 3 days, is it possible - especially if it is a mind game that requires skills on the part of players? Follow the guidelines given here, and you would be amazed to see yourself become a rummy expert in merely 3 days!

Fun + Cash Winnings - That’s Rummy Online

It’s true! Indian Rummy Online is sheer fun to play, and with smart application of rummy rules, tips, and tricks, you can win fantastic cash prizes too!

On the Rummy Trail

Rummy is a simple game with a few rules. Anyone can easily learn it. And even mastering it would not be a big deal if you tread the path, we are going to illuminate for you.

Day 1 Tasks

  • Begin with Rummy Blogs

    Pore over some rummy blogs on the Internet. You can go to sites such as, that have ample information on each aspect of the game. Get to know various rummy fundamentals mentioned above, and you cross the first milestone.

  • Visual Impact

    Lessons of Science, cooking, or for that matter, anything else, netizens turn to YouTube. Watch rummy tutorial videos on YouTube, and gain an insight into all rummy essentials, including its gameplay. With this, you are done with your second milestone.

  • Practice Perfect

    Check practical implementation of what you have learnt by joining Free Practice Game tables. Play all three formats, i.e., Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy. Follow rummy rules and leverage smart rummy hacks to - sometimes win chips and sometimes lose them. Hone your rummy skills.

Day 2 Task

  • Take a Giant Leap with Rs 50 Free Play Money

    Everybody loves freebies. Spend nothing from your pocket - just register with Rummy Passion, and verify your e-mail and registered mobile number. At this, you get Rs 50 from the site. Play at low-stake tables in the beginning. Use the small amount to Learn Big!

Day 3 Task

  • Play Fear-Free in Freeroll Tourneys

    Deposit Rs 100, and you are free to participate in as many Freeroll Rummy contests as you wish. You get to compete against rummy biggies here. If you win, you get the prize money; if you lose, you lose not a rupee, but imbibe valuable rummy lessons!

Find Yourself in the League of Rummy Pros

By the time you call it a day on Day 3, you would have gained so much knowhow of all the facets of rummy, that you would feel charged to take on the very best of players. While Day 1 sets the perfect pace for your rummy voyage, Day 2 & Day 3 see you gradually experiment and gain experience to become an expert sailor in the rummy sea. We have revealed the master secret for our passionate rummy players!

Mind-boggling thrill and prizes await you at India’s most loved rummy site. Destination Cash Rummy games is very much here!

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