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Joker Can Make You Win Rummy Games

Author Priya Date 28 Jun 2016
Published in Rummy Strategies
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Joker Can Make You Win Rummy Games

Joker cards should be taken seriously by all Indian rummy players as they can make the difference between winning and losing. Most online rummy players love getting jokers or wildcards during the game and use these cards to get an advantage over their opponents. In fact, not using these magical cards will put you in the loser seat very quickly.

Here are Four Things you must know about these cards:

  • What is a Joker card?

    JokerAfter each player at the rummy game table receives 13 cards, one card is randomly picked from the remaining cards as the Joker card. This is placed underneath the deck of cards with its face showing to all players. This is called the Joker card. This Joker card can vary from game to game. So for example, if the 7 of spades is picked as the joker card, all 7’s irrespective of their suit will be joker cards in that round. In addition, there is 1 printed picture Joker in every deck of cards. So in two decks of cards there will be 8+2 = 10 joker cards, 2 printed jokers and 8 selected jokers. However, only 7 of the 8 picked joker cards can be in use in a particular round as the 8th one is underneath the deck.

  • How can you use the joker to win?

    You can use a joker card in place of any cards to form a sequence or set. A joker cannot be used in a pure sequence. A joker card will not serve any purpose in case you have not been able to form a pure sequence. In this case, the only advantage would be that you may be able to reduce your points as the joker card has no points of its own.

  • What happens if the Picture Joker is picked as the Joker?

    In this rare but possible situation when the Picture Joker is also the open joker, all Aces will automatically be treated as jokers.

  • What happens if you get more than one Joker cards?

    Multi JokersIf you are lucky enough to get multiple joker cards, you can use them to form multiple melds. Just ensure that you have at least one pure sequence. Using more than one joker can help you complete and declare the game faster which in turn increases your chances of winning.

    Wildcards or Joker cards are of great importance in Rummy Games. If used properly, they will help you win games or even if you don’t win, these cards will assist in reducing points. The best rummy tip we can give you is that you should never discard joker cards. Use them to quickly form sequences but make sure that you give top priority to making a pure sequence. Even if you do not win the game, you will be able to reduce your points to a great degree with the help of Joker cards.

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