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Common Misconceptions About Rummy Strategies

Author Mohina Date 12 Apr 2019
Published in Rummy Strategies
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Common Misconceptions About Rummy Strategies

To play the riveting game of Rummy well, there are some standard rummy strategies that most players take care of, and routinely deploy in their gameplay. What distinguishes experts from novices, is the way they make use of these strategies.

Every coin has its flip side. In the context of Indian Rummy, it means that every strategy has another facet that we might be oblivious of or don’t bother to contemplate over it.

Let’s try to sieve the not-so-apparent from the obvious.

  • 1)Advised Strategy: If you do not get good cards, drop the game.
  • Logic: If it appears that card-melding might take too many turns, ideally, one should quit the game to minimize one’s loss.

    The Flip Side: It is not always necessary to drop. If you love taking risks, are fond of experimenting, or are good at bluffing, you can go ahead and try to make the best use of the available resources, i.e., the hand dealt to you.

    You could try devising out-of-the-box customised tricks to induce your opponents into thinking that you have excellent cards and are about to declare. The weak-hearted ones (rivals) might get intimidated and drop the game!

  • 2)Advised Strategy: If you do not get any Joker cards, it is better to quit the game.
  • Logic: Without Joker(s), card-melding might take longer, and you might lose the game.

    The Flip Side: You can always try to be ingenious. A valid declaration can be made even without Joker(s). Form a pure run, and then, strive to meld impure runs and/or sets. With an indomitable spirit and smart application of mind, you could emerge successful!

  • 3)Advised Strategy: The more Joker cards you get, the better it is.
  • Logic: Formation of impure runs becomes a cakewalk with Joker(s). Even one unrelated card could be turned into a valid run or set. Quick melding can translate into a Win.

    The Flip Side: You must have heard - Too many cooks spoil the broth. If you hold too many Jokers, it might become difficult for you to meld a pure run, in the absence of which everything else would be worthless!

  • 4)Advised Strategy: Get rid of your high-value cards as soon as possible.
  • Logic:The aim is to reduce your point-score, meaning that the Royal cards, viz., Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces as also number 10 cards, should be done away with, at the earliest.

    The Flip Side: Exercise discretion. If your big cards exist in the form of a pure run, they are not a burden but an asset. Moreover, as others try to wash their hands off such cards, you can grab them and complete your melds with or without Joker(s).

  • 5)Advised Strategy: Combinations cannot have more than 3-4 cards.
  • Logic: Going by the theory of Probability, it is easier to form shorter runs and sets.

    The Flip Side: Sets cannot be longer than 4 cards, given the reason that there are only 4 suits in cards. However, sequences can be longer - in fact, they can go up to 13 cards, because there are 13 cards in a suit.

It is a Matter of Common Sense

That’s true. Common misconceptions regarding Rummy Strategies arise from common sense or the lack of it. Indian Rummy is a game of skills, and hence, that of sharp minds. It can be played the best and enjoyed to the hilt, when you exercise logic.

“Keep Calm, Use Common Sense, Avoid Common Misconceptions!”

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