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Understanding Refer a Friend Bonus

Written by: Priya
Published in: Rummy Passion
Date: 05 Oct 2016
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Rummy Passion is a player oriented online rummy platform. We like to present things in the simplest form so that even a novice can play their cards right. The bonus packages by Rummy Passion are wrapped in multi colored covers. Refer a Friend is one of our most popular bonuses which says:

“Get Rs 5000 for every Friend You Refer to Rummy Passion”

Yes, you heard it right! A bumper package of Rs 5000 for every mate, you add to our rummy circle of friends. This is how you can do it.

Import Your Contacts

Import Your Contacts

The original social network in our country is undoubtedly online rummy and we don’t want our players to have all the fun by themselves. When you share your passion with friends, you help them enjoy and win cash with a touch of science.

1. Refer Your Email Contacts

Refer Your Email Contacts

We all have accounts on Google, which we use to access multiple services. Now, you can add another one to your list. Just by clicking the light orange color icon on Google in Refer a Friend tab, you will be able to light up the Rummy fire in your contact list. The same can be performed on Outlook, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL and MailChimp.

2. Share on Social Media

Share on Social Media

Most of us are comfortable with Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin and G+. If you are a social media user, you can just click on the icon and follow simple instructional steps. Most of our players are using this method to invite their friends to join.You can also tag your friends, which makes the whole procedure easy and fast.

3. Upload Your Contacts from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook etc.

Upload Your Contacts from Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook etc.

If you are a regular email user and use Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc., then you can use your email ID to send out invitations to your buddies. We don’t believe in spamming and we will not send emails directly to your contacts without your consent. So don’t worry! You can also upload contacts from files having formats csv, vcf, ldif, txt. Read more on this by clicking the link How to download a contact file in the same section.

4. Enter your contacts' Email Ids

Enter your contacts' Email Ids>

This is the easiest way to send invitations. Just enter your contact information in the rectangular box and click on the continue button. You will find all necessary instructions on the top of the box. To make everything clear, we have provided a List of supported formats as a hyperlink.

By sending invitations to your friends and contacts, you can get a referral bonus of Rs 5000 for each friend who joins. Many of our players have encouraged their near and dear ones to enjoy the exciting game of Indian Rummy at They have won thousands of rupees as bonus. You too can play rummy with your circle of friends and enjoy every game.

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  • aabrakadabra
    Date: 11 Oct 2016 Posted By: aabrakadabra

    wonderful way of explaining raf bonus. appreciated!