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IRFL Winners at Rummy Passion

Author Mohina Date 01 Apr 2019
Published in Special Promotions
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IRFL Winners at Rummy Passion

CricRummy Passion Reigns Supreme! Come the T20 season, and it’s time for sumptuous extravaganzas in the nation! Couple it with IRL, and the two present a roaring combo. As the pitch for T20 turns hot, so does the Indian Rummy Fantasy League at Yes, the exhilarating CricRummy event is something that cricket and rummy fans eagerly look forward to. It is the best time for them to test their cricketing knowledge and showcase their online rummy skills.

Each and every stroke can prove decisive, whether it is cricket or rummy, which is why the CricRummy bonanza causes a flutter and an awesome adrenaline surge among the participants. As spectators set their clocks and watches to be in time to watch the upcoming T20 match, vibrant rummy tables get bedecked with hordes of pan-India players flocking to Rummy Passion.

We Congratulate All CricRummy Passionists Who Made It Big With IRL!

Keep up your gaming fervour, and continue filling your pockets with handsome prizes that IRL bestows upon the befitting players!

Top 10 IRL Winners of the Week

User Name Total Bonus
vit1987 13,475.00
boss1204 9,150.00
Balgayu 7,375.00
Play234 5,425.00
Sam1267 4,600.00
rajacbe 3,150.00
sunsubbs 3,100.00
Dumb 3,000.00
MSR9 2,800.00
prakashviji7 2,575.00

Let Passions Run High with CricRummy!

T20 boasts eight star-studded teams chasing the title. IRFL is no less a glitzy event with aficionados giving a tough fight to one another to grab the Surprise Cash & Mega Prizes. Let IRFL make you happy and exuberant…play on VIP Marked Cash Rummy Tables and Win Big! Who knows you could find yourself watching T20 Finale in the stadium…all thanks to IRFL!

Think Cricket…Think Rummy…Think Rummy Passion!

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