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Can a Joker Card Rescue You from Losing a Game of Rummy?

Author Mohina Date 27 Mar 2019
Published in Rummy Passion
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Can a Joker Card Rescue You from Losing a Game of Rummy?

Many a time, we hear of rummy players dropping a rummy game if they don’t get a Joker Card. Is the Joker Card that consequential? Can it turn a difficult game into a winning one? Yes, a Joker Card can come to your aid and save your rummy game, provided you have a pure run in hand.

The Lifeline

Now, that needs careful deliberation. What it essentially means is that the first and foremost requirement to win a game of rummy is a pure sequence. Once you have it, the Joker(s) can take care of the rest of the melds, and drive a game to victory.

Delving into the Logic

As per rummy rules, two runs are mandatory, and one of them must be pure, i.e., it must not contain any Joker card. Needless to say, the Joker cannot help you with this task. However, once you successfully meld the lifeline sequence, the Joker(s) can be fore-runner(s) and help you accomplish the rest in a jiffy.

Kinds of Jokers

  • 1) Printed Joker - Indian Rummy uses one Printed Joker with one deck of cards. If two decks are in use as is the case on a 6-player table, two Printed Jokers are deployed.
  • 2) Wild Card Jokers - Post card distribution to all the players, one card is arbitrarily turned up and placed face up under the closed pile in such a way that it is visible to everyone. That’s the wild card joker for you.
  • 3) Example - If the Wild Card Joker happens to be a number 4 card, all the number 4 cards would be Wild card Jokers.
  • 4) A Peculiar Case - If the Wild Card Joker comes out to be a Printed Joker, then all Ace cards become Wild Card Jokers.

Jokers Render Yeoman Service

  • Unlike other cards in rummy, Jokers carry zero points.
  • They can be used as replacements for any card to form impure runs as also to complete sets.
  • They are considered an invaluable asset by Online Rummy players

Reduce Your Points Quickly

It’s always good to meld your big cards first so as to minimize your point score - that’s what is going to count if somebody declares the game. Joker(s) can make it a cakewalk. Two unmelded Jacks could mean 10 + 10 = 20, but meld them into a set with a Joker Card, and they are no longer a burden. Let’s see how Joker card can pace up your progress:

  • Have High Cards? Consider melding them into valid runs or sets using Joker Card(s). If you hold Q♦ and Q♣, why not use a Joker and form a set - Q♦, Q♣, Joker. If you have J♥ and Q♥, you can come up with an impure run - J♥, Q♥, Joker or Joker, J♥, Q♥.
  • Have More Than One Joker Card? You can come up with melds like Joker, Q♣, Joker and J♥, Joker, Joker. How about it? If you possess two Joker Cards, you can turn any card of yours into a valid combination.

Strategic Discarding of Cards

If 4♠ is the wild card joker, you can conveniently dispose of cards close to it. It means you can wash your hands of cards like number 3 and number 5 cards. There is little probability of such cards getting picked by other players. So, Joker also makes it easier for you to choose the cards that can be discarded.

Form a pure run, and then, speedily minimize your points with the help of Joker Card(s). Let Joker Card(s) pave your way to success on the vibrant tables of online rummy!

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