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From Physical Tables to Virtual Platform

Author Mohina Date 28 Nov 2018
Published in Rummy Passion
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From Physical Tables to Virtual Platform

In the 21st century, which boasts technical evolution in all walks of life, hordes of entities have made a shift from physical to virtual. Whether we talk about shopping, banking transactions, paying bills, education, or even relationships, all have taken an online avatar. It’s no surprise that even traditional games have evolved to become tech-savvy. Chess, Ludo, and Rummy Card Game feature among the prominent ones.

Walking Down the Memory Lane

Remember the days when you used to enjoy the offline game with family, relatives, and friends on a physical table? All that merriment, jovial leg-pulling, trying to peep at others’ cards, etc., created beautiful memories to cherish for the lifetime. Those were the days of frequent socializing, and rummy was an integral element to boost social harmony. Hours would fly by without anybody realizing it. People loved to play rummy with physical cards whenever there would be a family get-together and even while commuting to and from their work. It was sheer fun. The elderly still play it on the club tables as Paplu.

Rummy in the Digital Age

To suit the modern-day requirements of card lovers, rummy has transformed itself to the virtual platform - with plenty of exciting features - but retaining the original essence of the centuries-old game. The journey of this evolution has been eventful with the game garnering a huge popularity among the masses irrespective of their age, gender, status, and region, etc.

Play on the Go

The virtual aspect of rummy allows you to play it anywhere and at any time. The smartphone revolution has brought the game within easy reach of millions of players allowing them to spend a gala time with a click on their desktop or mobile. Reliable rummy sites such as attract players from all over the nation, who throng to the site for a blast of mind-storming entertainment.

Choose Your Fellow Players

There is a round-the-clock presence of players from diverse backgrounds. You have the choice of playing with complete strangers, mere acquaintances, relatives, family members or your close buddies. Virtual tables offer a vast arena to card lovers to exercise their gaming skills. With whomsoever you play, the amusement quotient is higher than the parent game, as the online version is far more engaging and intriguing.

Pleasure or Profession

The online game presents you with a multitude of options. You can play as an amateur for relaxing your mind and senses or grab excellent money-minting opportunities that rummy sites bestow on you. There is a plethora of offers and promotions that enable players to fill their coffers while exercising their passion. For some, it could be a casual pastime, and for others a thrilling means of earning big bucks.

The Transition

As Rummy made its way from physical tables to the virtual platform, it has brought a wave of delight among the enthusiasts. With a nice variety in the kinds of games, 24/7 availability, lucrative cash-winning prospects, coupled with dollops of entertainment, online rummy is bound to go a long way. Give it a try at the vibrant tables of Rummy Passion, and you are sure to fall in love with it!

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