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3 Rummy Moves to Apply in Your Everyday Life

Author Mohina Gupta Date 14 Nov 2018
Published in Rummy Passion
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3 Rummy Moves to Apply in Your Everyday Life

Most things you do in life, are enriching in their own right, even if it is something as simple as interacting with a small child. Wondering how? Kids are bundles of energy; they are clear-hearted, do not nurse grudges, and do not wait for big things to happen to be happy!

Rummy Turn to Life

Aficionados of Indian Rummy are well aware of the fact that it is a highly interesting game which is not only thoroughly entertaining but also involves smart application of mind and memory. Let us discuss three of the rummy moves, which can act as superb daily life hacks to significantly improve the quality of your life.

Eye on Opponents

In the game, you must be watchful of the cards picked and dropped by your opponents, lest they should get the better of you. Being alert, pondering over the possible outcomes of each step of yours as also that of others in the arena, and acting accordingly is a crucial rummy strategy. You should be aware of all that is treading around. For a businessman, it is critical, but for others too, the habit of staying vigilant is beneficial. One must know what quality others in the field are offering, at what prices, what they are up to, etc.

Life Hack #1: Whether an office-goer or an entrepreneur, it is absolutely essential for everybody to keep their ears to the ground.

A Play of Mind

You need to play the card-melding game with your mind and not your heart. At times, you lose despite getting good cards in the beginning. At other times, you might pave your way to success, even though you were not dealt a good hand. How does that happen? One reason could be that one tends to become a bit careless on getting a good hand. On the contrary, you take it as a challenge and apply all your ingenuity when you feel your cards are not good enough. The principle very well applies to real life too.

Life Hack #2: Never be complacent or careless. Win the game of life with courage, presence of mind, and perspiration.

Mistakes as Stepping Stones

A game is a game and must be played with a sportsmanship spirit. If you repeatedly lose, despite putting your best foot forward, it’s time to - return to the basics, learn from your mistakes, and augment your skills. Fretting over the loss or indulging in revenge-playing is going to lead you nowhere. Coming to life, which successful person never failed in life? Probably, none. It is just that common people might not be aware of their struggle and hardships.

Life Hack #3: A mistake remains a mistake until you learn a lesson from it.

The Verdict

Playing rummy can prove beneficial in more ways than one. It is a great stress-buster, makes you rack your brains hard, teaches you valuable life lessons, and also leads you to fascinating cash-winning avenues. Play Rummy at, learn new rummy moves, and implement them as daily life hacks. Success will be all yours!

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