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Rummy Tournaments – Why you should Participate

Author Prateek Date 12 Sep 2016
Published in Rummy Passion
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Rummy Tournaments – Why you should Participate

Rummy tournaments are an exciting way to play the game competitively. In tournaments, many players can play at one time which is quite unlike Deal’s, Pool and Point’s rummy games where the number is restricted to minimum 2 and maximum 6 players. Though one table can only accommodate 2 to 6 players, there are multiple tables in a rummy tournament and that is how there can be hundreds of participants. Suppose there are 240 players in one tournament then the number of tables will be 40 (240/6 = 40).

Tournaments are played with chips. Each player is given a particular number of chips and one chip is equal to one point. After every deal, the player with the highest number of chips is declared winner because he or she wins all the chips from the losing players. The number of tables decreases after every deal because 5 players are automatically knocked out of the game. If there are 36 players, then there will be 6 tables in total accommodating 6*6 players=24 players. After each round, 1 or 2 of the top performers will move to the next round, based on how the tourney has been set up.

Similar to other rummy games, every player in a tournament game is also required to form sets and or sequences of cards in his hand. Players get a fixed time to make a move and there is a drop option as well. Drop on the first move, the player gets 20 points. Drop after the first move, the player gets 40 points and it is considered as the middle drop. In case of full count of cards in hand, the player gets 80 points even if the points add up to more than 80.

Types of Rummy Tournaments
There are three types of rummy tournaments, freeroll tournament, cash tournament and buy-in tournament. Rummy Passion organizes many such entertaining and well paying tournaments on a daily basis.

What are Freeroll Tournaments?
In freeroll tournaments, players play without depositing money. It is like practice games. Often players can win cash or prizes in the form of movie tickets, gift vouchers etc. It depends upon the choice of the organizers. Players can simply register for free on the website and can start playing freeroll online rummy tourneys.

What is a Cash Tournament?
Whenever the player wishes to enter into an online cash rummy tournament they are asked to deposit a set amount of money at the time of registration for the tournament. There is possibility of winning a huge amount in cash tournaments. In case the player is unwilling to participate in the tournament due to personal reasons, all their deposited money is refunded. The prize money is predefined. Cash tourneys are very popular now.

What is a Buy-in in a Tournament?
This online rummy tournament is meant for skilled rummy players. In cash tournaments players are required to deposit money at the time of registration. After each deal, one winner emerges from each table and qualifies to the next level. The losing players may wish to stay in the tournament. If this option exists, they can re-buy their entry, which means they will need to deposit some cash. Buy-in is decided differently for all rummy tournaments.

Rummy tournaments are different from other variations of the game because a large chunk of players is accommodated in one single tournament. The prize money can be high and the tournament may consume lots of time. But winners tend to make a lot of cash and the feeling of achievement is also much greater. Every day Rummy Passion holds many cash and freeroll tournaments where players can win lakhs of rupees.

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