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5 Habits of a Good Rummy Player

Author Prateek Date 15 Jun 2016
Published in Rummy Strategies
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5 Habits of a Good Rummy Player

Indian Rummy is not just a card game. It is a superb parameter to analyze human psychology and behavior. If we look deeper, online Rummy helps us understand our own personality in a more descriptive manner.

Rummy players and winners have certain habits. This has come to light as online Rummy became popular in India. When we learn about their habits, we too can begin to understand how their minds work. Ultimately these can help us become better Indian Rummy players ourselves. See what habits fine players possess or how can we improve our own game and become “Kings of the throne”. Here is information we have observed and collected. Read on to find out how you can learn from the masters and improve your own approach to this fun and enriching game.

  • Choosing the Right Strategy

    The Right StrategyThe game of Indian Rummy requires some quick manipulation of cards to form a sequence. Unlike most of us, who say our prayers to get at least one suite at the time of card distribution, there exists another set of players who keeps their eye on the cards they get in the deal and act accordingly. A right strategy and a little bit of luck is the sure shot combo to win the game.

    The definition of an ideal strategy may differ from person to person, for some it might be bluffing and for others, it might mean going after a particular suit. Good players will never mix the two different strategies. They choose one and stick to it!

  • Bet Wisely

    Bet WiselyGood players don’t get too excited with a winning streak on the first few hands. A wise player will set a limit and not exceed it. Some of the masters of this game bet moderately and raise the bar with small increments when they have a good hand. The success mantra stays in “avoiding the extreme sides and choose a middle path”.

  • Good Observers

    Professionals are always good observers; they can analyze the playing style of fellow players and can steal the game away. That’s why they are pros! You don’t have to make decisions too rashly and try to act like a pro. Sticking to the basics and putting in constant efforts to improve are smart ways of doing things. If you are new to the game of online or mobile rummy, you can choose to play with low stakes and observe your fellow players first, and then when you are confident, you can increase your bets.

  • It is Just a Game

    Even if you had a bad day and things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to, it’s not the end of the road. Playing your game from an entertainment bankroll and not making it a question of self pride surely evaporates the unnecessary pressure. Losing is part of the gaming experience and everyone has to go through it. A good Rummy player won’t let a bad day decide his fate. This is perhaps the most important habit and should be inculcated as early as possible.

  • Know When to Wrap

    Most of us won’t mind spending our winnings on the very next bet. The key is in knowing when to hang up your shoes and don’t let greed take the driver’s seat.

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