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KXIP Vs MI- Match Predictions of IPL Results

Author Ruby Date 03 May 2018
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KXIP Vs MI- Match Predictions of IPL Results

Since the advent of April, Fantasy Cricket fever has been running high on the heads of Indian spectators with the Predict & Win contest hosted by Rummy Passion – India’s most loved rummy website. Fans have left no stone unturned to solidify their presence and brace their favorite team during the Indian Premier League matches .As far as the match between KXIP (Kings XI Punjab) and MI (Mumbai Indians) is concerned, we are sure that spectators would be eagerly waiting to cheer their favorite team at the Holkar Stadium, Indore on 4th May 2018 at 8 p.m.

Right now, it's number 3 position on the IPL table for Kings XI Punjab who are holding a strong place against Mumbai Indians at number 6 and aren’t far from getting out from the IPL list of finalists. Till now, of all seasons of IPL, KXIP have never registered themselves as winners, but this time, the army has proven themselves in this tournament and seems to be following through with consistency.

If we talk about the batting line-up of KXIP, then the squad has a list of some big players such as Aaron Finch, Chris Gayle, Yuvraj Singh and David Miller that looks strong so far. On the other hand, Mumbai Indians have made a disastrous start in this IPL season. The team is led by Captain Rohit Sharma and its crucial players - Evin Lewis, Hardik Pandey and Ishan Kishan haven’t performed well to say the least. It seems like the Mumbai Indians need to sort out their team along with its batting strategy to bring a positive outcome. The right strategy is what we can expect from the Mumbai Indians during this match if they want to make a mark in this IPL series. What is your strategy for predicting IPL results? Test out your guesses by participating in the Predict & Win contest before this match itself.

Are you a Right Rummy Strategist?

Cricket and Rummy are two skill based games that can be won using the right strategies. Just as before the start of a cricket match, the coach and captain devise a plan keeping the pitch and the opponents in mind, the same way, during the Online Rummy game, it’s necessary to apply the right tactics to win, apart from just knowing the rules of the game. Some inside tips for rummy players are:

  • Meld a Pure Sequence quickly
  • Discard High Cards that are useless
  • Being a Keen observer of your opponents’ moves
  • Act patiently
  • Don’t depend on 1-2 games for results
  • Switch to higher or lower value tables depending on your skill
  • Practice more to win
  • The right use of joker
  • Drop the game early if required

If you are the right rummy strategist and know how to play your cards, no one can stop you from becoming a rummy winner and make money in cash rummy. Want to explore the brighter areas of Rummy game at Rummy Passion? We at Rummy Passion strive to bring different offers from time to time to keep the true spirit of rummy alive within you. Presently, we are running Indian Rummy League - ‘Predict and Win’ contest to help you earn big by just participating in the competition and answering a few questions. With every IPL match, you get a chance to participate in this contest. You have ample opportunities until 27th May 2018 to improve your chances of winning. Keep Playing!


People in India adore Rummy and Cricket to a great extent. When IPL started in April, fans went crazy wanting to double the fun and make money. As they discovered the ‘Predict and Win’ contest started by Rummy Passion, they are happily participating and winning cash prizes with every single IPL match. If you haven’t joined the race, no worries. Until the IPL ends, you can participate in the contest daily and improve the prospects of winning during the IPL 2018.

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