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Play to Win Guaranteed Cash Back

Author RummyPassion Date 20 Apr 2018
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Play to Win Guaranteed Cash Back

Close on the heels of the awesome ‘Feed Your Wallet Cash back’ offer, here is yet another wonderful cash back opportunity! Rummy Passion loves to pamper its players with promotions that enable them to make the most of their passion for rummy.So, just play your favorite game to your heart’s content and gather the accompanying benefits!

You just have to play a minimum of 50 games daily on 21st and 22nd April at the vibrant tables of Rummy Passion, India’s Most Loved Online Rummy destination and you get entitled to a guaranteed cash back of up to Rs 10,000. Cash Back will be added to your account on 23rd April by 2:30 pm.

Promotion Period – 21st to 22nd April, 2018

The highlights of the event are being presented below in an easy to understand manner.

Play to Win Guaranteed Cash Back
Offer Play 50 games daily on 21st and 22nd April and win cash back up to Rs 10,000
Offer validity period 21st April to 22nd April
Minimum number of games 50 games daily
Cash back to be added 23rd April by 2:30 pm

Please note that the cash back you win as part of Play to Win Guaranteed Cash Back will be subject to a wagering requirement of one time the cash back amount. For details, refer to Rummy Passion’s ‘Bonus Terms & Conditions’.

Winning Tips

To ensure your guaranteed cash back, play atleast 50 games daily on 21st and 22nd April. In order to win a bigger cash back amount, play more than 50 games and play on higher stakes tables.

Use the PASSION Bonus Code (25% match bonus up to Rs 5,000 on deposits) on Sunday to add more funds to your Rummy Passion account and use the extra money to help you maximize your chances to win the guaranteed cash back.

Players are requested to contact the friendly and professional Customer Support of Rummy Passion for any further clarification regarding this promotion.

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