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Winners of Indian Rummy League - Predict & Win for April 15 Match 2

Author Priya Date 16 Apr 2018
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Winners of Indian Rummy League - Predict & Win for April 15 Match 2

Two matches on Sunday meant double the fun in the VIVO IPL 2018. This also meant twice the number of winners on day nine of the Rummy Passion Predict & Win contest. For those of you who have a roaring passion for cricket and online rummy, Sunday was a real bonanza. As hundreds of players logged in to play awesome rummy games at Rummy Passion, we received an overwhelming number of entries for the Indian Rummy League – Predict & Win Contest. Sunday are usually quite slow and relaxing but yesterday was packed with excitement. Players took advantage of Feed Your Wallet bonus too when they availed a 10% Cash bonus on their deposits. It was fun for our team to put together the results of yesterday’s contest because we had double the number of winners.

Here are the Results

So, how exactly did you fare? Were your cricket prediction skills as good as your rummy playing expertise? Let’s find out right here!

Match 2 – KXIP vs CSK

In the second match yesterday, Kings XI Punjab won over Chennai Super Kings. The winners accumulated 197 runs. MS Dhoni made the highest score of 79 runs, and bowler Shardul Thakur took the most 2 wickets. Chris Gayle was declared Man of the Match due to his outstanding performance. Now let us see who our own rummy superstars were. For match two, the leaderboard ranks are displayed below.

User ID Rank Bonus Won
SP3791 1 1000
Kgnsr 2 1000
Srumsss7373 3 500
vit1987 4 500
simha777 5 200
naresh955030 6 100
Scbosess 7 50
Sukh 8 50
shankar9988 9 50
joragasa 10 50
D77728 11 50

In Short

If you made it to the top of the rummy leaderboard, you should be very proud of your achievements. There were so many players who signed up for the contest and to be a topper amongst them is matter of honour. But don’t worry if you didn’t quite make it! There are so many matches remaining for which you can submit your predictions every day during the IPL 2018 season. So Play Online Rummy games and may the best men and women win!

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